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I feel sure that the state will not get the collection field

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Q: In Georgia can you be arrested for hiding your vehicle from the repo man?
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Can you be arrested in ga for hiding a car from the repo man?

Yes, you can be arrested for theft.

In Oklahoma can you be arrested for hiding your automobile from a repo man?

Yes it is considered as grand theft auto

Can a finance company threaten to have you arrested if the car is not returned?

If you are hiding the vehicle or continuing to use a vehicle that is no longer yours, you can be arrested for theft or fraud. Most lending institutions just repo the car, but if they have reason to believe that you're keeping their property from you they can go after you in criminal court.

Can you be arrested for concealing a car in the state of Georgia?

No you cannot.They can after a lengthy court process force you to turn over the vehicle but it never happens....if it did you see the countless repo posters citing the case here.

What type of license are required in Georgia to run a repo tow truck?

Whatever the GVW of the vehicle requires.

In the state of Georgia how long does a repo search for a vehicle that someone is hiding and do the finance company ever write it off as a charge off if it is not found?

They can stop the vehicle from being licensed. They can declare that the vehicle is being held fraudulently and if you drive it you could be arrested. You signed an agreement and gave your promise to pay for the vehicle when you took out the loan. Is your promise worth anything? If you don't pay this loan you will probably have difficulty getting any future loans. You might be better off just contacting the lending institution and finding a way to pay off the loan, then the vehicle is yours and you don't need to look over your shoulder for the repo man.

Is hiding a repo a crime in California?


What do you do when repo man is here?

You give the repo man the keys to the vehicle and let him take the vehicle.

Can you hide your car from being repossessed?

According to the repo handbook, any debtor purposely hiding collateral from the bank to defraud them is illegal and you can be arrested when summoned to the court. I am a Repo man, and even if you hid thecar, no matter what eventually you will slip up and we will get the car...

Can you be arrested for an unpaid car loan if i did not return the vehicle?

It's possible, but a bit unlikely. However, if the repo agent comes to you, and you claim not to know where the vehicle is, then they can assume an unauthorized person is in possession of the vehicle, and might report it stolen.

What is the punishment for hiding a vehicle from a lender in Oregon?

There isn't any.This is a civil matter not a crimminal one.If you are stopped by the police for speeding they don't care if the car is up for repo it is not their problem.It is between you and the lender.That is why the lender hires the repo co.

Can they repo a vehicle after dark?


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