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Not impossible, but difficult. Most states dont regulate background checks, BUT, insurance cos. DO. Liability for the ins. co.

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Q: Can someone become a repo agent if they have a felony conviction?
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Can you Become real estate agent with a felony?

Usually not but this would clearly be identified within a state's department of business regulation of professional standards and requirements. In Rhode Island, they can not become a licensed real estate agent with a felony conviction.

Is there a statute of limitation on which the state of Texas can use a previous assault conviction to enhance a new assault charge to a felony?

no there isnt and im a fbi agent

Can a person become a life insurance agent with a felony criminal recordI still didn't get my question answered.?

Yes, in some cases a person with a felony can become a life insurance agent. However, it will depend on the type of crime that was committed. Any crime to do with money such as embezzlement will decrease chances of becoming an insurance agent.

How does one become a professional bail bond agent?

To become a professional bail bond agent, one first has to become licensed. This requires a felony free background along with three named people as referees.

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Criteria for disqualification include conviction on a felony, use of illegal drugs and failure of men to register for the selective service. Default on a student loan is a disqualifier. Take your case to the local office.

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