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No. You co-sign for the note as indicated on the documents you sign. There is no half way. Beware ... When a lender asks for a co-signer, the lender knows that the co-signer will have to make at least some of the payments. This answer comes from experience.

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Q: Can someone cosign for only a certain amount on a loan such as if the person only wants to cosign for 12k but the loan is 17k?
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Can a person without a drivers license cosign for someone?


Can someone without a job co-sign on a car?

Yes, a person without a job can cosign on a car loan. However, the person must have great credit before they can cosign.

What is a person who agreed to work for someone a certain amount of time in exchange for the cost of ocean voyage?

An indentured servant is a person who agreed to work for someone a certain amount of time in exchange for the cost of ocean voyage.

Can someone on social security benefit's cosign for a loan?

Yes, someone on the social security can be able to cosign for a loan. The person cosigning the loan however has to have good credit regardless of his availability on the social security benefit.

Who agreed to work for someone for a certain amount of time in exchange for the cost of their to North America is called what?

a person who agree to work foe someone for a certain amount of time in exchange for the cost voyage to North America

If cosigner has a car loan already may she cosign for someone and be approved for that person and the cosigner has good credit?


Will a cosigner's credit be affected if they cosign for someone who has a bad credit score because of a Chapter 7 bankruptcy?

The cosigner's credit will only be affected if the person that they cosign for defaults on the loan. The bankruptcy will not affect the cosigners credit.

If i cosign a car for someone will my name come off in a year?

No. It doesn't come off until the loan is paid and if the person who is getting the loan doesn't pay you will owe for the loan. When you cosign it also goes on your credit report.

Can somebody cosign for a car for you over the phone?

Unfortunately, no. When someone is cosigning something, they must be present. The reason being that they have to be there in person to sign the papers personally.

What happens if you cosign a loan and the other person dies?


Can you cosign for person arrested in another state?

NOT a good idea.

Are you resposible for a loan if the person you cosign for files bankruptcy?

Of course.

What is the name of the person who agrees to work for someone for a certain amount of time in exchange for the cost of a ocean voyage to north America?

An indentured servant.

Can someone with no credit cosign for someone?

A lot of creditors will not accept a co-sign from someone with no credit. They want proof that if the person who takes out the loan defaults, the co-signer will have the credit funds available to pay off the loan.

If you cosign a car loan for someone and they while under suspension could you be in trouble too?

Co-signing a note means you will be legally liable if that person can not pay.

Can you have a person with new credit cosign your loan?

It's up to the lender.

Can a lender or salesperson suggest a certain person to co-sign at time of application on a loan?

You'd might as well be asking "Can the lender say 'Good morning' when you enter his office. Of course he can SUGGEST anything he wants. He can even INSIST that someone with a good credit rating cosign for you.

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If you cosigned for a credit card and the person defaulted on it and you were never notified of the default can you fight this on your credit report?

You can try. It probably won't work. Basically lenders assume that if you cosign for something, you understand the risk. They don't care if the primary person forgot to notify you that he/she was having trouble. It's not fair, but it will make you think hard before you cosign for someone again. Be very careful.

How many points do you get when you revive on Black Ops zombies?

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What if the cosigner has two car loans and a mortgage can they still cosign?

They could still cosign. It would mainly land on the bank to see if they would approve this person as a cosigner. More then likely they would if they have a mortgage as well as 2 other car loans that are up to date. This person probably has very good credit and all they'd need is a good amount of funds coming in to get approved.

Is an indentured servant a person who agreed to work for someone for a certain amount of time in exchange for the cost of the ocean voyage to North America?

I dont now help me please thank you *(