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No. And it would not be advisable for anyone to attempt such action even though they are a completely innocent party.

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Q: Can someone get a title for a stolen car?
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Can you report a car stolen if you are the registered owner and your ex is not making payments and wont tell you where the car is?

ya its your car, your name is on the title and someone has taken it from you....i think i defined a stolen vehicle right there

What should you do if you have a car title for a car but you dont have the car?

You can report it stolen!

Were can you take a car that you want to get rid of but don't have the title?

Why are you getting rid of a car to which you do not have the title, is it stolen?

What can i do if my car was stolen by someone i know and the DMV investigation office won't anything because the title to my car was in the car?

Well you have to have proof of insurance and if you do then you can show the officer that and it goes on from there.

Can a title loan company call the car in stolen?

No they can not!

Can I get a title for a vehicle that is given to me from a stranger. Someone is giving away a car but they say there is no title?

The first thing you need to do is call your local police department and give them the vin and ask them if the vehicle is stolen. You dont want to get caught trying to get a title for a stolen vehicle. Why would someone just give a car away when they can take it to a salvage yard and get a couple hundred bucks for it.

What reasons cause a car to have a salvage title?

A salvage title can be caused by a car having been damaged in a previous wreck also if a car has been previously stolen and the owner was already given a replacement before the car was found then the stolen car may receive a salvage title

Are you entitled to pay for a car if it is a lemon and the dealership does not have the title?

I would not buy or pay for a car form anyone who did not have title to the car. The car may have been stolen.

If your car was stolen and then recovered does that create a branding label on your title?

only if the car was damaged to where it was declared totalled. Then you need to get a Salvage title and have the car inspected.

How did you know if a car is stolen?

If a car is being sold way to cheap I am always suspicious. I always do a title and lien search on any car I buy and that will show who the title is registered to and will cause a great deal of commotion if it is stolen. I always ask for photo ID when buying a car to insure the car and the title and the owner all match.

If a car is stolen and you have insurance but the vehicle is in someone elses name will it be covered?

Theft is not the same as accidents. If you drive a car, whether it is in your name or someone else's name, and you have an accident, then your own insurance is applicable, but if someone else's car is stolen, that doesn't seem to involve you. Presumably you were not in the car when it was stolen, right? What involvement do you have?

Car purchase seller has no title?

Then seller doesn't own the car. Don't buy a car without a title. The title is the only thing that proves ownership. ---- If the seller has no title, the car might be stolen. DO NOT buy the car.

What if dealership does not provide a title?

that means u just bought a stolen car.

Is it safe to buy car without a title and licesen plates?

No. What if it turns out to be stolen?

What can you do if a car you purchased turned out to be listed as a stolen vehicle at the time of the sale?

Did you get a TITLE to the "stolen" car? If not, the you sorta assumed the risks. Was it actually stolen at the time of sale or just not removed from the list after being recovered?

How do you replace a lost or stolen title?

Go to the office where you get your liscense plate for your car and tell them that your title was lost or stolen and you will pay a small amount and they will send you a replacement tittle in the mail.

Is it a good idea to buy a car in Illinois from a private seller if he doesn't have a car title or a car registration?

no, the car could b stolen

Can you junk a car in state of new york city with no title?

yes you can WITH ID and signed paperwork stating you lost title so that if car is stolen, they can find you!!

Can you take car if you have the title?

No, the bottom line is, the title must have the owner's name. Put in reverse situation, if your car was taken by someone who has your title to the car and the car should not be missing, then you would want the car back even without a title. People lose car title all the time, that doesn't mean they lose the car just because they lost the title and someone picked it up.

What if someone else is driving your car?

The only way that can be a bad thing is if the car is stolen. You would have had to report it stolen prior to the ticket or accident.

Can you add someone to a car title?


What to do if someone wants to sell a car with out a clear title due to the death of original owner who didnt sign off on title?

A title that is not clear typically means it has a lien on the car meaning money is owed to someone and the car was used as collateral. It doesn't mean someone didn't sign the title.

You bought a car from someone but never registered it and you want to sell it to someone else. Can they still get it registered?

Do you have the title of the car in your name? Is there a loan on the car? You will have to register it if your name is on the title!

Can a person who holds title to a vehicle have it repossessed from someone driving it as a loaner?

Report it stolen.

What can you do if you bought a car with the title but the car was later found out to be stolen?

You have to return the car to the authorities, because it was stolen from the original owner. If you keep the car you could be held as an accessory to car theft. You will get the money back for the car from the criminals through the court in the form of compensation.