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Yes, with conditions. The United States Military generally avoids recruiting people that require a daily medication for an illness (such as Diabetes, thyroid conditions, and ADHD).

It is best if you take a daily medication to discontinue use for a year before you apply to join the army. If you do not require medication and can pass all the requirements elsewhere you can join the US Army. However, those who currently take medication are not accepted.

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Q: Can someone with ADHD join the military?
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Can someone with ADD join the military?

mainly, if u can control your ADHD/ADD(which i cant since I'm 13)you can join military. but,you can get distracted and might get seriously injured

Can someone with autism join the military?

It is true that with any form of autism you cannot join the military.

Can someone with lyme disease join the military?


How many kids can you have to be able to join the military?

There is not a minimum number of children someone must have in order to join the military.

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Can you join the Army if you have ADHD?

You can, but you might want to reconsider enlisting. Those with ADHD are not typically well suited for military service and typically encounter difficulties. This is not the case for all. Some with ADHD do well in a very structured environment. If you are one of these, then by all means enlist. If your doctor is unaware of the ADHD then the chances are its not on record to which my advice is to keep quiet. Dont lie though if your doctor is aware as the military will check your medical records.

Can someone with ADHD join the navy?

No. You must get your ADD or ADHD under control enough to pass an exam with a doctor/psychologist, and you must be off ADD/ADHD medication for at least 6 months before you can join the navy. BTW, you cannot have the interview with the doctor/psychologist until you have been off your medication for 6 months or longer.

How do you tell someone you think they have ADHD?

say " do you have adhd?"

What is it like living with someone who has ADHD?

Someone who has ADHD has trouble focusing, can be overactive and unable to control behavior. If you believe you or someone you know has ADHD, seek medical advice.

ADHD in the military?

not really sure what you're actually can be in the military if you have ADHD but you can't be in the military if you have to take medication, it's too difficult to get them if you're overseas or in combat.

Can you take ADHD medication in the military?

No. The United States military does not allow its personnel to take ADHD medications; also, it does not recruit soldiers who have ADHD and take medication. If you currently take medication, it is recommended you quit taking it a year in advance of your application to the military.

Is there an IQ test for someone with ADHD?

No; there is no separate IQ test for those with ADHD.

Can someone with ADHD join the marines?

Unfortunately, no. The Military will not allow someone with a mental disorder, such as ADD, ADHD, or epilepsy (these mainly) join under any circumstances. I think it has something to do with the fact that you will be a liability (a risk to yourself and fellow squadmates.) I, myself, have the unfortunate curse to have all 3 disorders, so I am speaking from experience. Other versions of this question have been answered with things like "You must be off the meds for a year or so." My mother is an RN and she told me that they will not let you join at all, so has my neurologist and a recruitment officer. It does suck though, I wanted to join and be a sniper. But, you could always look at it optimistically; if there were ever to be a draft, you have a loophole to get out of being drafted into service.

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Get your gonorrhea treated, then join the military. Gonorrhea is a curable disease.

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It shouldn't be, Prozac can have serious side effects to someone who has ADHD.

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I want to know how old is to old to join the military