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Sparks (or chemistry) is the first thing to develop before an actual relationship starts. It makes you want to know a person better, to share your thoughts with them, to spend time with them and is a part of sexual arousal towards a specific person.

Having chemistry doesn't mean a relationship is good or will even occur, but all long term, healthy relationships have both love and a physical and emotional chemistry. Chemistry either exists for both people or it doesn't--when it doesn't exist at all or only exists in one person, there's not much to sustain a relationship on.

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Is Shane sparks in a relationship?

no he is not

Who is going out with Jordan sparks?

she is not in a current relationship neither am i

How you can develop organizational relationship?

You can develop organizational relationship through building it with the members of the organization. This relationship should be built on the foundation of trust and mutual goal.

What does a thirteen year old need to look for in a relationship?

Just kiss if their are sparks, date

Who is Blake Lewis dating?

he is dating Jordan sparks.<3 their relationship never breaks apart.

Should 2 like each other?

Yes, if you do want to develop a relationship or already in a relationship.

How can you find a relationship?

You have to develop a relationship, you cannot "find" one. You must develop a relationship by talking with others and earning their admiration, respect, and trust. By getting them to value and like you, you will develop a relationship with them. Go on sites like Facebook or OKCupid if you want to do it online. If you mean other people, then go outside and walk around until you find a couple.

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How do you know when a relationship is not really over?

You know the relationship is over when you don't feel the sparks anymore. Do you remember when you first kissed him/her and it felt completely right? If you never felt that,your relationship was over when it started. Don't worry, you will find someone that is completely right for you one day and the sparks will never go away. They will be yours. Feel better, Advice guru.

What is the role of vendor development in purchase?

To develop a relationship with a vendor in order to facilitate a closer working relationship.

Why develop close relationship with children you work with?

they'll trust you

How does the relationship between pip and miss havisham develop?


Can you develop a mental illness from being in a stressful relationship?


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What are sparks?

what are sparks

How can one develop a better relationship with a parent?

talk with them but don't be boring.

How did the middle class develop during the renaissance?

they had sexual relationship with dogs

What condition is characterized by the inability to develop a normal social relationship?


How do you develop relationship?

by spending time and getting to know the other person

How do you develop deeper relationship with lover?

by trust , faith , compromises and understanding !

What does he really mean when he says you should put the relationship on the back burner?

He means that you should not expect the relationship to develop into anything important (such as marriage). It is a minor relationship.

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