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Q: Can splenda be used in recipes in place of brown sugar?
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How many carbs are in 1 cup splenda brown sugar?

There are about 192 grams of carbohydrate in 1 cup of Splenda Brown Sugar. That's about the same as regular sugar, but you only use half as much of the Splenda Brown Sugar for the same amount of sweetening in your recipe.

Can Splenda be used in place of sugar in a pie or cake recipe?

Splenda can be used in place of sugar, but be prepared to tweak the recipie considerably.

What can be use in place of sugar?

Splenda. Truvia.

Can splenda be used in place of sugar in a recipe?

Absolutely, follow the instructions on the Splenda package.

Is splenda a sugar?

No Splenda is not a reducing sugar.

Is Splenda a reducing sugar?

No Splenda is not a reducing sugar.

What is better sugar or splenda?

Splenda is sweeter, but sugar is healthier. Splenda is 180 times as sweet as sugar.

What dessert recipes are safe for diabetics?

There are many desert recipes that are safe for diabetics. Most desert can be safe for diabetics as long as you use a splenda sugar instead of regular sugar.

What are some good diabetic cheesecake recipes?

Recipes using Splenda and Pillsbury Sugar-Free Cake Mix are excellent diabetic cheesecake recipes. Betty Crocker and other cookbooks, as well as Splenda's official mail-in cookbook offer, include several diabetic cheesecake recipes.

Where can I find more information on sugar free dessert recipes?

The list of sugar free recipes goes on and on. Replacements for sugar can be Splenda(or similar item) or many other things. A good website for further information and recipes is

What are some examples of recipes suitable for diabetic cooking?

There are many no or low sugar recipes available on websites such as Allrecipes and Eating Well. For recipes where sugar cannot be omitted the powdered sweetener Splenda can easily be substituted instead.

Do most diabetic cake recipes use Splenda or Sweet N Low?

It appears that both sugar substitutes are used in diabetic recipes. Some people say not to use Splenda for health reasons, but it appears that both work well as sugar substitutes for people with Diabetes.

How many weight watchers points in a cup of splenda brown sugar?

Zero points!

How can you use Splenda in a cheesecake?

You can replace the sugar in the recipe for Splenda, which is a sugar substitute.

What is the best tasting sugar free recipes for brownies?

Recipes for sugar free brownies can be found at any online cooking site such as or, but most brownie recipes can be modified to use a 1:1 ratio of Splenda brand sweetener instead of sugar. A word of warning: Splenda has a tendency to dry out baked good, so you may want to experiment with different low to no calorie sweeteners.

Substituting splenda for sugar in baking?

Splenda can be substituted for sugar anytime. Put in the same amount of splenda that the recipe calls for sugar. Example: If the recipe calls for 1 cup of sugar and you want to use splenda just use one cup of splenda instead of the sugar. Happy cooking!

What melts in ice faster splenda or sugar?

Splenda because it has more chemicals in it,then regular sugar which is more natural than Splenda.

Can you substitute powdered sugar for granulated sugar in a pound cake?

no, you can't it would be the wrong consistancy, and messy and sticky, but you can use brown sugar or splenda.

What type of sugar do ants like the best?

well i did a project with cane sugar, powered cane sugar, brown sugar, and splenda. the ants liked the powered sugar the best.

Is splenda better than equal?

yes there is no sugar in splenda.

Is there aspartame in splenda?

No, the artificial sugar used in splenda is sucralose.

What are some sugar substitutes used in diabetic recipes?

Many commercially manufactured sugar substitutes are used in diabetic recipes. These include Sweet'n'low, Splenda, and Equal brand sweeteners. The important thing is to avoid sweeteners containing glucose.

Can you use brown sugar in hot tea instead of white sugar?

You can use whatever you want! I've tried Raw Sugar, Splenda, Brown Sugar (Light and dark), and in the end, all that matter is what tastes good to you. :)

Where can I find sugar free desserts recipes online?

Replace sugar with a substitute such as Splenda firstly. You can make any old favorites you like, and you can keep them sugar free by merely choosing a sugar substitute. You can find many low fat dessert recipes online and in many magazines.

Can you use brown sugar for hard candy recipes?

Generally, yes.