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no i dont know...dfffffffffff

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Q: Can the FAA make long-term policy to foster aviation?
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Important events in the history of aviation?

Penguins were the first to make up aviation designs and to make an airplane they are the best creatures out there

How much does an aviation manager make?

The amount of money that an aviation manger makes will vary depending on skills and level of experience. On average an aviation manager can make between $100,000 to $175,000 per year.

How much do aviation mechanics make a year?

about $62,750

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How is the term halo used in aviation?

The term HALO is used in aviation to make reference to the High Altitude Long Operation.

What is human factor in aviation?

Aviation has enhanced over the years to include multiple gauges and automatic programs. The human factor in aviation refers to the numerous mistakes and choices a human will make when operating the controls.

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Courts set precedents they don't make policy.

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What contribution did Sir George Cayley make to the field of aviation?

he made a contribution

What contribution did Amelia Earhart make to America?

Ameila Earhart was a pioneer in aviation.

What did Amelia Earhart do to make aviation history?

be the first woman to fly an airplane

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Founded in 1910 as the Sperry Gyroscope Company what did Sperry originally make?

Aviation navigation

How much does an fixed wing air ambulance pilot of Metro Aviation make?


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What ways to you think you can make a contribution to aviation company?

Customers can make contributions to aviation companies by giving constructive criticism. Vulgar complaints and character attacks are ineffective, but useful suggestions could help improve the travel experience.

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how does using garmin aviation help your traveling experience?

Garmin aviation makes your traveling experience smoother by helping your organize everything and by keeping you posted on your flights and weather. They make your experience easier.

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How much do aviation mechanics make?

Not enough, when you consider the training required and the responsibility the mechanic has for the safety of the aircraft.

How much money does an aviation engineer make a year?

(2-5) years of experience they could make up to $110,000 per year.

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Why is thrust so important in aviation?

In aviation, thrust is the force along the axis of the aircraft which moves it through the air. Together with drag, lift and weight, it is one of the four forces required to make an aircraft fly.