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Well their is something wrong here. Life insurance goes to the beneficiary. If medicare is involved you have a different story.

This is a more than common situation, and from my personal experience, (depending on your situation) this is the best way to handle it: 1. Is the terminally ill patient coherent>>?? If so, does a Doctor agree that this person is able to make sound mind decisions? 2. If so, just because you are listed as a beneficiary on a life insurance policy does not mean you will receive the money in the event of a death. Immediately get the correct documents (can be found on the internet and printed out for free) stating exactly whom is a beneficiary (or multiple people) and all other specifics. Have a notary to come to the nursing home while you are present with the terminally ill patient. Sign all documents and a) take the docs to an attorney to hold OR b) give them to someone responsible to hold until the event of a death. Then send all information to the Insurance Company. 3. In addition, the Insurer will need to write out all persons that will not receive benefits, and people who will. Once all heirs are contacted legally (meaning people who will and will NOT receive money and/or goods), through an attorney only) then a 120 day probation period begins for persons to appeal. If no one appeals decisions of who the inheritance is going to, then case closed. If person(s) do, then court is the next option. If you DO NOT get at least the above done, then chances of the State you reside in taking over the benefits is most likely to happen. You will have to fight to get them, and you may only end up with much less than half of the original amount. Good luck. Yes. Policies with named beneficiaries are not subject to seizure by the deceased creditors (including Medicare or Medicaid) nor do they become a part of probate procedure.

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Who is eligible to collect life insurance?

The person who is eligible to collect life insurance is the beneficiary. Anybody can be named the beneficiary. There are steps that need to be taken before a person can collect.

Can a beneficiary collect life insurance benefits after a suicide in NJ?

If the insurance policy is older than two years of contestability period, then a benefit will be paid to the beneficiary.

Can your beneficiary collect life insurance benefits even there is an outstanding billing in the hospital?

The beneficiary is the only one that can collect benefits unless otherwise specified in the policy such as a rider.

Can your beneficiary collect life-insurance benefits after your suicide in South Carolina?


Does Iowa allow ex wife to collect life insurance if they are the beneficiary and the dead spouse had remarried?

Life insurance is usually governed by beneficiary information on the policy. In other words, whoever the beneficiary is on the policy will the one to collect. You may want to consult a local lawyer to confirm this.

Can the beneficiary collect insurance proceeds if the insured collect illegal rebating from agent?

Though paying rebate to insured by agents is prohibited, that does not hinder in the way of getting insurance proceeds.

How long after death do you have to collect on a life insurance policy if the beneficiary can not be found?

You should contact the legal department of the insurance company and ask for its advice. The company may initiate a search for the beneficiary with the resources at its disposal.

Your sister died and you are trying to collect her insurance benefits her husband was named beneficiary but he died two years ago. what do we do?

Her estate will be the beneficiary of the life insurance. You will have to show the Letter of Authorization from the court to the insurance company. They will issue the check to the estate.

What if your name is on the life insurance policy As a tier TWO?

Tier Two [in Beneficiary Designation] refers to secondary beneficiary which also refers to the person, persons, or class of people who will collect the life insurance proceeds in the event of the death of the insured _and_ the primary beneficiary is not alive.

If ex husband dies never changing beneficiary does wife still receive the life insurance benefits?

Whoever is the named beneficiary on the policy will collect the death benefit.

Can a power of attorney collect life insurance for a beneficiary on their behalf?

If they are the power of attorney for the beneficiary. A power of attorney represents a living person and they cannot represent that person after their death.

Who collects the life insurance if the policy holder and beneficiary have died?

If the beneficiary of a policy has died, the estate of the beneficiary can still collect the insurance payment, assuming that the beneficiary does have an heir or heirs of some kind (as most people do). Note that this is a fairly unusual situation, because normally when a beneficiary dies, a new beneficiary is named. There is no reason to allow the policy to have no living beneficiary, unless the insured and the beneficiary happen to die at about the same time, and there is no time to name a new beneficiary.

Can a non beneficiary family member collect an unclaimed life insurance 45 year after the persons death?


Can your beneficiary collect life-insurance benefits after your suicide in massachusetts?

No, suicide is an exclusion where a death benefit is concerned.

Can ex-spouse collect deceased husbands insurance if first deceased wife name is still listed as beneficiary?

No, an ex-spouse can't collect a deceased husbands insurance if the first wife is listed as beneficiary even if the fist wife is now deceased. The money will go to the beneficiary's heirs.

Can your beneficiary collect benefits from your insurance policy if you commit suicide?

Your beneficiary can collect benefits from your insurance policy if you commit suicide if, 1. Your policy provisions for payout in the event of suicide. 2. Your waiting period has been satisfied if stipulated by your insurance carrier and policy. Read your policy carefully and contact your policy carrier for assistance and clarity as it relates to your policy.

Can you use a certificate of marriage to collect on life insurance?

A certificate of marriage is not required to collect on life insurance. Life insurance proceeds will be paid only to the named beneficiary/beneficiaries on the policy. If all beneficiaries are deceased, then the benefit will be paid to the deceased insured's estate.

Can your beneficiary collect life insurance benefits after your suicide in the state of ohio?

No. I don't think suicide is not covered by any insurance policy in any state/country. Suicide is willful and intentional killing of oneself and no insurance company will cover it. So, your beneficiary will not get even a single penny if you commit suicide.

What documents are needed for a beneficiary to collect life insurance?

The insurance policy and a certified, original copy of the death certificate. If the policy has been lost or misplaced, the insurance carrier can provide the appropriate "lost policy" form.

Can husband collect life insurance if wife dies unexpectedly?

If the husband was the named beneficiary of the policy, if the policy was in force at the time of death, and if the cause of death was not excluded by the policy, the general answer is "Yes". If the beneficiary was the estate of the wife, the proceeds are paid to the estate. Then, if the husband was a beneficiary of the estate (either by virtue of a Will naming him as beneficiary, or if no Will, through the laws of intestate succession), he may be entitled to all or a part of the insurance proceeds. If the beneficiary of the life insurance policy was someone other than the husband as of the time of the wife's death, proceeds are payable to that person.

How can second divorced wife collect deceased husbands insurance policy when first deceased wife of husband is still named beneficiary?

In order to ensure that a wife collects her deceased husband's insurance policy, it is beneficial to transfer the beneficiary of the policy while the husband is still alive. If the beneficiary of the policy is also deceased, it would be wise to seek legal help.

Can the beneficiary collect on insurance if charged with death of the insured?

The beneficiary or nominee is to intimate the Insurance Company about the death of the insured, preferrably with a copy of the Death Certificate. The Insurance Co. will provide various forms for submission and conduct their own survey,by visiting the insured's home. After the forms duly filled in are submitted, the insurance co. generally try their best to clear the death claim earliest.

Can Mother-in-laws collect insurance proceeds before children?

insurance proceeds are distributed to named beneficiaries In addition an insurance policy of a deceased that does not have a named beneficiary will be included in the probate procedure and the state's probate law of succession will apply.

Can your beneficiary collect pension after your suicide?

Can you collect pension money after my brother commited suicide

Can your beneficiary collect life insurance benefits after your suicide in the state of Tennessee?

No, if the life insurance policy is less than two years old. Some insurance companies would not pay at all in case of suicide. It all depends on the conditions in the life insurance policy.