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Can the brake booster cause your brake pedal to go to the floor?


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No, a busted brake booster will not cause the brake pedal to go to the floor. It will however cause the brake pedal to be extremely hard to push. A defective master cylinder will cause what you describe. Replace the master cylinder and bleed the brakes.

It can because it happened to me. The booster lost vaccum and the pedal went to the floor.

Sorry, you are wrong. The only reason the pedal went to the floor was because the master cylinder failed. The brake booster only boosts the pressure on the master cylinder and allows you to not have to push so hard on the brake pedal. Cars of yesteryear did not even have a brake booster and they stopped just fine albeit you had to push the pedal allot harder than with power brakes. A failing brake booster will not cause your pedal to go to the floor although it might cause it to go lower than normal before the brakes apply. As long as the master cylinder is good you will still have brakes, but you will have to really push hard and might even have to pump them up in order for them to stop the car.

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Your power brake booster may be defective. You may have a vacuum leak or the booster itself could need replacing.

usually they will leak out the back by the booster, your brake pedal will slowly go to the floor at stops or the brake pedal will go right to the floor when pushed.

Start the engine and then push the brake pedal down. If it is soft and easy to push then the booster is okay. If booster is BAD the brake pedal would be hard to push.

If you step on the brake pedal and you here a hiss or the engine idle speed changes, the booster is going bad. If the booster is shot, the brake pedal will be hard with no power assist.

a brake booster supplies power to the brake system. this takes the hard out of the brake pedal allowing brakes to work harder with less effort or pressure on pedal from the driver

how do you remove thekeeper that holds booster rod on brake pedal

test the booster with engine turned off, pump brake pedal until pedal goes hard then hold foot on brake pedal and start engine. if booster is working, the pedal will go soft as it should for mormal use. if booster is not working ,the pedal will stay hard

you will have a hard brake pedal

hard brake pedal is the most obvious sign only way i know to test a booster, is to turn engine off. use brakes several times till pedal is hard. then with brake applied,start engine. the brake pedal should then soften.if the pedal stays hard the booster is bad

it is hissing because there is a vacume leak in the brake booster it will require a new brake booster

The power brake booster is failing.

The power brake booster of a vehicle is replaced by removing the fluid reservoir, unbolting the booster from the firewall, and disconnecting it from the brake pedal. A new booster can then be connected and bolted into place.

The cause of hard brake pedal is malfunctioning brake booster. Check the hose from the intake manifold going to the brake booster for cracks or leakage, replace if necessary. Check the one way valve located in the middle of that hose, make sure the valve opens when you put pressure on one port.. If all those mentioned are ok, the booster itself needs to be replaced....

sounds like you have a leak in your Brake Boost Controler, you should also check to see if there is any leaks in the vacuum lines that connect the engine to the brake booster.

Verify that the vacuum source for the brake booster is working. Might need a new booster.

Power brake booster failure or vacuum supply to booster insufficient.

Check for vacuum leak at brake booster

The first suspect when a brake pedal goes all the way to the floor is an empty - or almost empty - master cylinder. It could also be a bad brake booster, a ruptured line, etc. The car should be TOWED to a repair facility, and the cause found and corrected before the car is driven again.

dude! sounds like air brake sys.(system needs to be bled get air out of sys.)As for gettin stuck , check linkage,brake booster and master cyl.

Probably have a defective power brake booster or the vacuum supply to the booster is restricted or leaking.

The power brake booster is probably at fault.

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