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It can be done. Its called "§ 14-115. Secreting property to hinder enforcement of lien or security interest. Any person who, with intent to prevent or hinder the enforcement of a lien or security interest after a judgment or order has been issued for possession for that personal property subject to said lien or security interest, either refuses to surrender such personal property in his possession to a law enforcement officer, or removes, or exchanges, or secretes such personal property, shall be guilty of "" in NC. READ carefully..

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I don't think that's right. I was threatened with some junk similar with my car lender when i was behind. I called my local police and asked them if what they were saying was correct. Turns out if I would have went to jail, I could have sued the car lender for doing that. The guy said the its their duty to get their car without frauding with the law.

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Q: Can the creditor legally file a warrant for your arrest for Felony Possession of Merchandise if you are more than months behind on your car payments?
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An individual has possession of furniture in your name and has stopped making payments how can you legally obtain that furniture?

Call the police and explain the situation then see what they suggest and go from there.

Can your account be given to a collections agency if you have arrangements to pay the original bill and payments are being made on a timely basis?

Legally, yes. But it is unlikely that a creditor would take such action.

What can a repo man do if they dont get paid by creditor?

The only recourse (legally) would be to file suit against the creditor, seeking payment.

How many days late before a creditor can legally call you?

One day.

Can a judgment creditor seize legally owned firearms?

most likely, property is property

Is it illegal to sell new merchandise at a garage sale If the garage sale is predominately new items?

As long as the merchandise is not stolen and was obtained legally, it is legal.

Does lender have to send notice of default or intention to repossessed before taking the merchandise?

Legally NO!

If you cosign on a car and the other person files chapter 13 and is paying on the loan can the company make you pay for the loan too?

Absolutely. That's the responsibility you took on as a co-signer: that you would assume payments in the event the primary could not make them. If that person is making payments mutually agreed to by him and his creditor, then they have no reason to coma after you. However, if because of the Chapter 13 he can't make payments, you become legally responsible for them.

How far do you have to be behind on your payments to legally repo in Florida?

ONE day.

If you receive a gift to you legally take possession of that gift?

When you receive a gift yes you do.

Can you legally repossess a car you jointly own if your ex has abandoned the marriage and taken the car but can't make payments?

LENDERS repo cars. Co-owners on the TITLE, take possession. NOT co-signors on the loan, but CO-OWNERS ON THE TITLE.

Can a creditor or debt collection agency access your business bank accounts for debt collection?

With a judgment and execution, the sheriff can. Without it no. But the collection agency can never legally access it. However, there are ways to do it illegally. Can the creditor do it... ? If you have a citizens acct and a debt with them, then yes, they can legally access whatever accounts you have with them. But a creditor can't just get access to you bank accounts. (I own a collection agency)

Can a car be repossessed by a creditor that is not the loan holder?

Question is not clear -however- - a creditor on some other debt cannot legally seuze your car in paymnet of HIS loan. The reason being - you do not actually own the car. It is owned by the creditor who holds the car loan. If this is what happened to you - notify the police and your car creditor immediately!

If a person admits they stole items from you and have them in their possession are they legally required to return those items immediately?

Doing what you are describing is called "possession of stolen property," and it is a serious crime. They are legally required to give back your property in the same sense that someone who is beating you up is legally required to stop hitting you.

What are proximity requirments on a HS11364 possession of drug paraphenaila charge if it is found in a tent and not found on your person?

Possession is defined legally in two ways;(1) "actual" possession (i.e.: on your person) and(2) "constructive" possession which means anywhere 'within your control.'

What happens if you do not accept what was left to you in a will?

It is legally called a "disclaimer" and it means you do not have any legal possession of it, it cannot be seized from you, it remains part of the estate and it can be distributed to others by the estate. This is sometimes used when an heir has a debt that would completely consume the inheritance, so it is disclaimed rather than be forfeited to the creditor.

How do you stop a creditor from updating the account that is included in bankruptcy?

Make sure the creditor was notified that their debt was included in and discharged through your bankruptcy. Once notified, they cannot legally update a trade line.

Can a lien be place on your house if you continue to make small monthly payments on credit card debts?

A creditor does not legally have to accept any payment amount except that which is stated in the contract/lending agreement. Also when accepting a lesser payment the creditor is still not barred from using other methods including litigation to collect the debt. Evem of the debtor is making payments on the account the creditor can still file suit for the debt and if granted a judgment in most cases use it as a lien against the debtor's property. Because litigation is expensive and time consuming most creditors (not all) will try to work with the debtor. The debtor should contact the creditor to attempt to make other payment arrangements, not take it upon themselves to simply pay what they can afford.

In Utah when filing for bankruptcy can the creditor legally take your one and only vehicle?

The Utah vehicle exemption is $2,500.

How many payments do you have to miss before your car can be repo?

Depends on the lender. Legally, one!

You were charged with possession of stolen goods can you own a gun?

You will need to get a lawyer for a legally current and correct answer.

Can your wife kick you out of your home and land that you live at for any reason before divorce papers are filed or after the divorce papers are filed?

Legally, you have the right to the use and possession of the marital property until a court order to the contrary is issued. You should consult with your attorney.Legally, you have the right to the use and possession of the marital property until a court order to the contrary is issued. You should consult with your attorney.Legally, you have the right to the use and possession of the marital property until a court order to the contrary is issued. You should consult with your attorney.Legally, you have the right to the use and possession of the marital property until a court order to the contrary is issued. You should consult with your attorney.

Can you get in trouble for having a fake Louis vuitton bag?

If you ever try to resell the bag you can be held legally responsible for selling fake merchandise. It can range any where from a small fee, community service, to jail time depending on how much you resold the bag for and if you are in possession of other counterfeit goods that are for sale.

What causes the repossession of a car?

If you do not want your car repossessed, then you need to keep up with the payments on your car. If you are behind on payments, then your car could be taken away from you legally.

Can you block a player into a ball that was punted?

A block is the act of legally stopping a defender from getting to the player in possession of the ball.Therefore if there is not a player in possession of the ball no one can be technically blocked.