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It can be done. Its called "§ 14-115. Secreting property to hinder enforcement of lien or security interest. Any person who, with intent to prevent or hinder the enforcement of a lien or security interest after a judgment or order has been issued for possession for that personal property subject to said lien or security interest, either refuses to surrender such personal property in his possession to a law enforcement officer, or removes, or exchanges, or secretes such personal property, shall be guilty of "" in NC. READ carefully..

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I don't think that's right. I was threatened with some junk similar with my car lender when i was behind. I called my local police and asked them if what they were saying was correct. Turns out if I would have went to jail, I could have sued the car lender for doing that. The guy said the its their duty to get their car without frauding with the law.

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Q: Can the creditor legally file a warrant for your arrest for Felony Possession of Merchandise if you are more than months behind on your car payments?
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