Can the father of a child be ordered to pay child support if another man's name is listed as father on the birth certificate?

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Yes if, e.g., genetic testing establishes that someone other than the man who is listed on the birth certificate is the child's father. Also, in Illinois, the man who signed the birth certificate has 60 days to rescind his acknowledgment.
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How can a father who pays child support and whose name is on the birth certificate change the child's last name to his if he and the child's mother were not married?

Answer - In most states, if the parents of a child are not married, then the mother is the sole "legal" parent of the child. Paying child support gives you no legal rights. Child support is not about anything other than helping to support a child whom you fathered. In my state, it does not even quar ( Full Answer )

How can the father of a child be ordered to pay child support if his name is not on the birth certificate and his last name is unknown?

\n. \n Answer \n. \n. \nIf the couple are unmarried paternity must be established before a child support petition can be filed.\n. \nIf the father refuses to take a paternity test the court can order him to do so.\n. \nThe matter of not knowing his last name is indeed troubling and may be ( Full Answer )

Can you still receive child support from the alleged father if another person's name is on the birth certificate?

No, the father on the birth certificate is financially responsible unless proven that he's not the father by DNA. About 12 years ago in the state of NJ The court ordered me to pay child support to the biological father (Dna test showed I was not the biological father) The court called me the psy ( Full Answer )

If the father and Mother never married but the father does pay child support and his name is on the birth certificate and she is refusing visitation what are his rights?

He can, and should, file a petition with the Court to grant him visitation. Regardless of paying child support, he has the right to see his child unless he is deemed to be a danger to the child (sex offender, drug charges, violent crimes etc). If he is low income - usually double the poverty rate, s ( Full Answer )

Does the father have to pay child support if he opposes the birth?

Yes. He didn't complain when it went in, so he can't complain when it comes out. MY OPINION. Is the man so shallow to think that he can do what ever he wants and have no responsibilities? It sounds like he believes that abortion is an option. He wants the easy way out (for him only). Sexual interco ( Full Answer )

Do fathers have to pay child support?

Yes, when either the mother or the state department of revenue files a complaint for child support against him. The court will issue an order that can include back support.

If the father name is not put on the birth certificate can the mother still go for child support?

Yes, even if the fathers name is not on birth certificate she can go to the local Child Support Enforcement & open up a case against him. It helps if you know the SSN, last or current job & last or current place of residency. This will help them move faster in getting what is owed to your child. I ( Full Answer )

If the father does not sign the birth certificate but the baby keep his last name does he still have the responsibility to pay child support?

I believe as long as the baby has his last name he should have to but even if not you can order him to get a DNA test and prove it is his if that's the case.... But if there is no name on the certificate then i don't think anything can be done....also i don't thing you can give the baby his name if ( Full Answer )

If child is 22 years old and there is a chance that she belongs to another man other than the listed father on birth certificate can the listed father get back child support from mother?

If you live in the US, and assuming this a case where he actually paid Mom child support... Many men have tried this, and to the best of my knowledge they have all failed to be successful. There are many considerations behind that 'reasoning' by the court, but the bottom line is, you'd likely just b ( Full Answer )

If the fathers name is on the birth certificate does he have to pay child support if he and the mother aggree not to?

If the mother doesn't seek a child support order no one will make the father pay. However, keep in mind that the mother can always change her mind and get back child support in the future. If the child and/or mother are receiving any state assistance the father will be required to pay child support. ( Full Answer )

Does the biological father have to pay child support if his name is not on the birth certificate?

Yes, plus the mother can wait up to 18 years to file for a retroactive child support order. ---- Single Fathers As a single man, you have NO ASSUMED RIGHTS to the child. Watch the movie trailer at the link below about a single father. ᵅ But, some recent material shows there's a poss ( Full Answer )

If the father's name is listed on birth certificate does he still need paternity testing before ordered to pay child support?

No, it is up the individual to disprove paternity. You will have to pay until you prove you are not the father.. Answers. With the growing reports on Paternity Fraud in Child Support cases, a paternity test should be done on all births. A Paternity Testing Kit manufacturer is currently producing a ( Full Answer )

If father paying child support has another child does child support go down?

Support for the eldest child should not decrease based on the second child. When determining support for the second child, if any, he court/agency will take into consideration support ordered and actually paid for the first child. . Answer But, this is variable from state to state as a civil ri ( Full Answer )

Can a man who is the biological father of a child avoid paying back child support if another man is listed on the birth certificate?

My husband actually had this happen to him. He had a one night stand with a girl before we were married. He never saw this girl again, until she showed up with a baby one day and said it was his. In the mean time, when she found out she was pregnant she married another man whom she thought at the ti ( Full Answer )

If a father is not on the birth certificate but pays child support does he have the right to see the child?

Payment of child support would not be a reason to decide custody. Custody and visitation is decided by a judge. The birth certificate is also not a deciding factor either way. You have left out issues such as paternity and whether the payment of child support is voluntary or court ordered and why. T ( Full Answer )

The father is not listed on the birth certificate but is paying court ordered child support in the state of Florida. Can you change the child's last name without the father's permission?

No. The court will ask for the father's name on the petition so that he can be notified. If the father is paying child support he will be sent notice of the name change petition. Even if the child doesn't have his name he can object to the proposed change of name and the court will consider his ob ( Full Answer )

Does a father have to pay BACK child support if another man has been on the birth certificate for the length of childs life?

It depends upon the state in which the minor child resides. The majority of U.S. states have a statute of limitations concerning the filing and awarding of child support monies. Aside from that issue, if the male who is named as the father by the biological mother does not voluntarily accept respons ( Full Answer )

Can you take the father's name off the birth certificate if the is not the father but is paying child support?

No, you cannot remove his name from the birth certificate without going to court to prove he is not the father. Legally, he is the father and will be responsible for paying child support until the matter is resolved. He can have a DNA test done. He should request one through the court so he can stop ( Full Answer )

Can father get custody if he does not pay court ordered child support?

Support and custody are two different issues. While it doesn't bode favorably as far as custody is concerned if the parent is a deadbeat, it doesn't automatically preclude them from obtaining custody if they can prove that in doing so, it would be in the best interests of the child.

Does a father who is unwed but on the birth certificate with no court documents still pay child support?

An unmarried father becomes legally obligated when a child support order is issued by the family court. If there is no court order any payments are voluntary. However, they should be made by check and the father should retain proof of the payments. Once the mother files a paternity suit and requests ( Full Answer )

What if a father pays child support and the child is not his?

If the man signed the birth certificate knowing he was not the father he may be held responsible for providing child support until the child is eighteen in many states. If he did not sign the birth certificate it is unusual that he is paying child support. If he failed to request a DNA test at the ( Full Answer )