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Yes, sometimes a faulty ignition switch can cause the engine to not fire. Also, a bad spark park can the engine to not fire.

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2014-06-18 20:22:22
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Q: Can the ignition switch cause your engine not to fire?
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What would cause no spark at the spark plugs on a mercury 125 outboard?

The most likely cause would be the stator assembly. By disconnecting the cannon plug for the key switch harness, at the engine, you can isolate the problem to the engine, or the ignition switch / harness assemblies. With the harness disconnected, spin the engine over with a starter button, connected to the solenoid. If the engine now has fire, the problem is in the ignition kill circuit, (ignition switch, emergency kill switch, or harness assembly). If a no fire condition still exists, the problem is in the ignition system, on the engine itself. The stator, and related ignition components can be tested with a volt / ohm meter.

Will the engine fire but not start if clutch switch is bad?

In most cases, the engine will not fire or start if the clutch switch is bad. The key will turn in the ignition but there will be no turn-over or sound from the engine. If the engine turns over but doesn't start, there might be a problem with the fuel supply.

I have a 1997 Ford Aspire that I replaced the ignition switch. I now dont have any fire to the ignition. Is there a problem with the ignition module or the ECM?

are all the connection plug in on the switch and did you have fire before replaceing switch

What could cause the engine to not fire on a 2000 Ford Escort?

Lots of possibilities, Check ignition modul first.

What could cause a engine fire on a mercury 115hp 1979 engine?

it could of been a short in the wiring in the engine compartment or you had a fuel leak and it got into wires or the ignition system

1967 dodge d100 it has no spark you have changed plugs wires distributor cap rotor condensor and contacts What else could cause this?

If you have no spark, check the ignition coil and ballast resistor. If the engine tries to fire when you turn the key to off position, there may be a short in the ignition switch.

2000 kia sportage ignition switch What could be the problem?

Will ignition switch stop oxygen sensor fuse and fuel pump fuse in panel box from not having fire?

Your car had fire but no gas you rewired the fuel pump wiring components to a toggle switch what would cause your car to now have gas but no fire?

The ignition system and the fuel system usually get their power form the same location. You might have accidentally removed the power form the ignition system.

What would cause a 1996 Chevy truck 5.7 liter vortec engine not to get any fire to the coil?

you might have a bad coil or you might not be getting 12 volts from ignition switch check your fuse box under the driver side dash good luck

What should you do if your vehicle catches fire?

Switch off the ignition and get out of the car as quickly as safely possible.

Can a ignition module make a car shake?

If a defective ignition module, (or bad plugs/ wires) causes a misfire condition, one or more plugs won't fire. The uneven power pulses cause engine shaking.

Would a bad ignition switch cause a 1999 Cavalier z24 not to fire?

Yes. I had trouble with my 2000 cavalier. Inside the ignition switch where the key goes is a sensor of some sort that the key hits to turn everything on. Mine went bad and nothing would come on, even though the engine would turn over it would not start. I ended up taking it to the shop & had it looked at. They found the problem with the switch & replaced it. cost about $150 part/labor

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