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Parents can refuse to allow a minor back into the home if the minor originally left the home without their consent and/or the minor creates an unstable living environment for other family members. The parents can petition the court to be relieved of their parental responsibilities or request the minor be placed under the supervision of the court outside of their home. If the minor has a history of leaving home without permission, truancy, domestic violence, or otherwise deemed incorrigible under the state's juvenile statutes, the court will take the action that is best suited for all the involved parties. Some of the actions that the court could take would be, family members would be required to attend counseling and be supervised for a period of time by a state social service agency, the minor could be made a ward of the state and placed with another relative or in a group or foster home or the minor could be declared legally emancipated thereby relieving the parents of any legal or financial obligation.

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Can you refuse to go to a boarding school?

Yes. Ask your parents politely that you do not want to go to boarding school.

Can School Police in Texas Question a student?

In the state of Texas can a police officer go to the school and question a minor student without their parents

What can you do if im a victim of cyber bulling?

go and tell the police and the school and parents!!

Why do people display an attitude toward the police?

I think that is the way people are these days no respect for authority wether it be parents, elders, school, work or police.

If a child gets in trouble at school for drug usage can the police question without a parentguardian?

If a child over the age of 10 gets in trouble at school for drug usage, the school will call the parents and the police. The police generally wait for a child's parent or guardian is onsite to begin questioning.

What to do with a student who has chickenpox and parents refuse to get vaccinated?

There's nothing special to do. The student should stay out of school until all lesions are scabbed over.

Do you let your parent solve your bullying?

letting your parents solve your bullying is never a good idea, go to the principal, or a teacher when in school,or the police outside of school. - - - BUT ALWAYS LET YOUR PARENTS KNOW THAT YOU ARE BEING BULLIED!

My son drowned August 5 2007 police refuse to give you a copy of the police report my son was 18 years old would have been a senior in high school 2007-08 is this aviolation of his civil rights?


If you are declared missing or a runaway can they legally take you from school?

Yes if you are under 18 then your parents or the police have all right to pull you from school and take you home. I say this from experience.

What do you do if guys at school start stalking you?

If it is serious, report them to the police, your parents or your school principal. If not, try to ignore it. Please note that looking over to your desk in class is NOT stalking.

What should you do if you think that someone is watching you?

If its someone in a car when your walking home from school or something like that tell the police or your parents. If its someone at school jokely ask them why their staring

Does elementary school has police officers?

No, only Middle School And High School has police officers.

If you are 15 in Iowa can you move in with your aunt and uncle without your parents' consent if your parents refuse to let you go to school?

A 15-year-old is a minor and therefore cannot move out of their home without parental consent. If your parents truly are refusing to let you go to school, then it needs to be reported, because in Iowa you HAVE to attend school until you're 16. Now, if they're homeschooling you, then you are attending school (although it might not be the school that you want to attend).

When was Nepal Police School created?

Nepal Police School was created in 1984.

How do you escape from boy who is harasing?

Advise your parents - if it is occurring at achool, advise your school counsellor or a trusted teacher or school resource officer (if your school has one) - if it becomes a matter of stalking or assault, contact the police.

Is it right for the school to call the police and have a six year old child arrested for any kind of fighting?

Generally when a minor is in trouble for fighting and they cannot be controlled the school should call the parents in to discuss options. It is the parents responsibility to control their own children. However, if the fighting becomes severe and bodily harm is done the school has the right to call in the police. The minor is not actually arrested such as an adult, but the police will take them into custody; phone the parents and then the if need be the court will decide if the child should remain in the parent's home and it will also provide psychological evaluation.

What should you do if you have a friend that smokes weed?

Inform your parents and/or staff at your school or place of education, and they will be able to contact the local police and have appropriate action taken. You may also contact the police yourself.

By Law in NJ can minor students refuse to answer questions of school officials without parents present?

Absolutely! Plead the 5th. They mess with you if you don't talk, it's harrasment. Be calm & tell them you won't talk unless your parents are present.

Does a school have the right to search a students person and personal belongings?

Generally, yes. The state is considered to be "in loco parentis" which is a fancy term for "in place of one's parents," so they can search students who are present on school property as well as their lockers. They have no right to search students who are not on school property. If you're outside the school they can't search you. If you walk onto the property they can, but you do have the right to refuse and leave. Same thing if you get on a school bus, they can search you but you have the right to refuse and leave. It's the same as going to a concert, the place can require you to be searched in order to be admitted to the facility, but you have the right to turn around and leave and refuse a search. Oh, and anything they find is admissible in court. And while they will often have police on hand because in some states they can't arrest you for a misdemeanor offense, if they catch you with anything that it's a felony to possess, even if no police are on campus, they can still legally arrest you because, in every state, anyone can legally arrest someone for a felony committed in their presence, and in some states, for a misdemeanor committed in their presence, even if no police are around.

How do you promote proper disposal of refuse in your school?


Can schools enforce a custody agreement?

They can only follow it, they possess no power to enforce.A Different PerspectiveA school can refuse to release a child to the non-custodial parent. It can refuse to discuss the child with that parent and can refuse entry onto school grounds.

What are some police academies?

Russia academy of police, Josh's Police school

Why have police in schools?

they are school police officer because the school police are their to protect all students and staff in the building and outside of the building and its surroundings

If you runaway to a relatives house and refuse to go home can they enroll you in school?

Here it will have to be first found out why the child ran away from home, then if he has parents who are both either drug addicts , have drinking problems or abusive to him, then it is better that they who he ran to enroll him in school.

What do you do with your stalker?

If you are being stalked then you need to tell your parents or an adult at your school (if you are not yet an adult) and/or call the police. Stalking is against the law and you should not have to suffer it