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Parents can refuse to allow a minor back into the home if the minor originally left the home without their consent and/or the minor creates an unstable living environment for other family members. The parents can petition the court to be relieved of their parental responsibilities or request the minor be placed under the supervision of the court outside of their home. If the minor has a history of leaving home without permission, truancy, domestic violence, or otherwise deemed incorrigible under the state's juvenile statutes, the court will take the action that is best suited for all the involved parties. Some of the actions that the court could take would be, family members would be required to attend counseling and be supervised for a period of time by a state social service agency, the minor could be made a ward of the state and placed with another relative or in a group or foster home or the minor could be declared legally emancipated thereby relieving the parents of any legal or financial obligation.

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Q: Can the parents of a 17-year-old refuse to let him move back home if the he was told by the police that he can as long as he stays in school?
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