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general rule ,YES. Some states require them to and regulate how much they charge.

2015-07-15 18:32:43
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Can a FL repossession company charge me to get my personal belongings back?

They don't charge you to get your personal belongings back... they charge you a "storage fee" for the time they stored your personal belongings. And yes, they can do that.

Can you be charge for your personal belongings in the sate of Colorado after your car has been repossess?

They don't charge you for your personal belongings.. they charge you a storage fee. Yep, it's 100% legal.

If your car is repoed can they charge you to get back you personal belongings?


Can a recovery company charge for retrieving personal belongings in Florida?


Can creditors classify an account as a charge off because it was included in a chapter 7 bankruptcy?

Of course. A charge-off is a tax benefit and has nothing to do with your bankruptcy.

How can you find out the status of a chapter 7 bankruptcy?

Contact the trustee who is in charge of the case.

My car was reposed and the person that has the car said you have to give them 25 dollars for your belongings can they do that?

Yes. They generally charge a DAILY fee for storage of personal belongings. (Florida)

What is a charged off loan when connected to Chapter 13 Bankruptcy?

A charge-off is a tax-related matter and has nothing to do with bankruptcy. The debt is still owed.

How do you claim your personal belongings from a car that has been repossessed and can the storage yard charge you for them?

* You have to contact the storage yard immediately. * If you have proof of ownership take it with you. (You might not need this.) * If you have proof that the car is registered in your name take that with you. * The storage yard should not charge you for holding your belongings if you have contacted them immediately. They might charge you some fee if they have to go to some trouble to get your belongings.

Can the repossession company hold your personal belongings after a repossession in Wisconsin and charge you for the storage fee?

Yes, they can. Ultimately they have to PERFORM WORK to gather, label, secure, and keep safe your belongings. They can charge you for this because they were forced to perform work. The law allows them to be compensated for it.

Can creditors classify an account as a charge-off because it was included in a chapter 7 bankruptcy?

Yes and no. If an account was already charged-off before the bankruptcy, it can be reported as a charge-off. By law, the creditors must charge-off accounts included in bankruptcy, BUT they can not REPORT that charge-off if it happens AFTER the bankuptcy. Negative reporting on discharged debts is a violation of the permanent injunction of the discharge.

Is it legal for a towing company to charge 50 dollars to get your personal belongings out of the car?

If the vehicle is not a repossession and is in fact a law enforcement impounded vehicle, in California the answer is, NO. The law in California says "we towing companies" must allow you to pick up your property, however, we are only going to give the property to the legal owner of the vehicle. Therefore, bring them with you, picture ID in hand. No they cannot charge you to get your personal belongings from your car.They can charge a fee if they actually do something like inventory and store your belongings.

Can a HELOC that is charged-off by the lender be included in a chapter 7 bankruptcy?

It has to be included in a bankruptcy filing. A charge-off is a tax break for the lender. It has nothing to do with whether the debt is still owing.

Can an auto repo company in NC charge you a fee to get your personal belongings out of an auto?

Yes because they are required to inventory and store it in a secure location.

During a chapter 13 bankruptcy can creditors charge unpaid late charges?

Maybe. A chapter 13 is a repayment plan and in some instances will not affect the terms of the lender and borrower contract.

Do charge offs go off if you file chapter 13 bankruptcy?

Charge off will still show up on your credit report as such as well as the bankruptcy. Chapter 13 requires the individual to repay a portion of the charged off balance this is a type of Settlement that the credit card companies/loan agengies will accept as legally binding agreement. Chapter 13 usually require a payment for 36 to 60 months.

How soon can you sell a house after filing chapter 13 bankruptcy?

All major financial transactions such as selling or refinancing property must be cleared by the trustee in charge of the chapter 13 bankruptcy. Failure to follow prescribed procedures can result in the dismissal of the BK and perhaps other penalties.

Can a wife deed a half interest of her solely owned real property to her spouse without the approval of the chapter 13 bankruptcy trustee?

No. All transfers, sale, purchase of property or any major financial transaction must have the consent of the trustee in charge of the chapter 13 bankruptcy. The state of residency is not relevant, nor whether it is a federal or state bankruptcy.

Do attorneys usually charge you to answer bankruptcy questions over the phone?

Most attorneys will not charge you for preliminary questions associated with a possible bankruptcy. During this initial phone call, a good attorney will be able to identify whether you qualify for Chapter 7 or 13 bankruptcy, and many offer a free in-office consultation before proceeding with any fees.

If you filed Chapter 7 and your credit report indicates a charge off of 11720 can they still try to collect the sum even if Chapter 7 was filed?

it will show the balance & the bankruptcy followed there the answer is NO. GOOD LUCK

How long does car dealer have to hold personal property after repo in Texas and can they charge storage fees if so how much?

They must return personal belongings as long as you pick them up in a timely manner and since it has been repo'd they can't charge you anything for storage, its not your car anymore

How do you file a chapter 13 voluntary dismissal in Maryland?

There is paperwork to fill out and a judge has to approve the dismissal. You can submit it to the trustee or judge in charge of your bankruptcy. If you have an attorney, the attorney can do this for you.

How much do bankruptcy attorneys charge?

I filed chapter 7 yesterday and my attorney charged $800 plus the $300 filing fee so it was a total of $1,100.

Is it legal for an automobile repossession company keep your personal belongings in Arizona?

Repossession companies must give you the opportunity to recover your personal belongings. That being said, they need not do so at the time of repossession. If they store your property for any length of time, the may charge a storage fee. They are not required to hold your property indefinitely either. If you make no attempt to recover you belongings, the repossession company will dispose of it after 30-45 days.

Do bankruptcy lawyers charge by the hour or by the case?

Most bankruptcy lawyers charge by the case. There are lots out there, you just need to call and get a quote from them.