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Can the sights on a Marlin 915Y be changed?

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Can you purchase a composite stock for a marlin 915Y?

According to Marlin, No they do not. I can not locate one myself

Can be install 22 Marlin 925 clip on 22 Marlin 915Y?

AnswerThe 915y that I have is single shot only. There is no place for a magazine. The short answer is no, a Marlin 915Y can not be converted to be magazine fed. The long answer is that with enough money and effort it could be done by a competent gunsmith, but I suspect that it would cost hundreds of dollars to do so.

What is the value of a Marlin 915y 22 rimfire?

Used $100-175 depending on the condition.

What does the CS mean in Marlin model 336 CS?

I believe it means Covered Sights. My 336 doesn't have a covered front site blade, and my 336CS does. CS does not mean "covered sights". It is the designation for a Marlin C-"Carbine" with S-"Safety" which means it's a carbine with the latest crossbolt safey.

What is a good price on my Marlin 3030 model 30 AS serial 13300365 with scope that mounts so you can use the regular sights?


What is the history behind the Glenfield versions of the Marlin Model 39A?

All of the Glenfield-marked Marlin firearms were produced for mass-marketers such as Wal-Mart, K-Mart, etc. They are mechanically the same as the standard Marlin guns but have hardwood stocks instead of walnut, simpler sights, etc. Designed to sell for less money than the standard Marlin model.

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When did Marlin quit making the Glenfield 30A?

The Glenfield was made from 1973 to 1983. In the last production year, Marlin changed the model to 30-AS. In good condition, it's a very good deer rifle.

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How much is a 1892 marlin 32 rimfire lever action octagon barrel with open sights worth?

I have one of these guns given to me by my father, he had it appraised around the early 80' s it was valued at $650 At that time.

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Who makes Marlin guns?


What is the Value on a marlin 38 55 Serial 434931 Lever action rifle?

Depending on EXACTLY what you have, its condition, finish, stock, sights, papers, accessories, history, box, etc., anywhere from 50-5000 USD or more.

What is a marlin 30-30 longhorn commerative editions value?

Around $150-200, depending on the condition of the gun. Another factor in determining the value is how are the sights? If they are in good condtion it could bring 300 or more.

What years did Marlin make the models 17V and 17VS?

I'd been told by a Marlin official that the 17V & 17VS were make, under those model number for just a couple of years. I believe he said 2000-01. Model changed to 917 series. I'd been told by a Marlin official that the 17V & 17VS were make, under those model number for just a couple of years. I believe he said 2000-01. Model changed to 917 series.

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