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Hi, Yes there can be. I am dealing with one now actually. I have a gestational sac in the uterus that is empty and no heartbeat. It can either be a blighten ovum or an eptopic

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Hi can you share what your outcome was?
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Q: Can there be a Gestational sac in uterus in an ectopic pregnancy?
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Meaning well defined intrauterine gestational sac with single live fetal pole?

A single live fetal pole is referring to the baby in the stage when it is first visible inside the gestational sac. As for the intrauterine gestational sac, that is means the pregnancy is seen within the uterus and is not ectopic.

If during the scan you see the sac in the womb is it an ectopic pregnancy?

It is possible to see a uterine sac, called a pseudo sac, with an ectopic pregnancy, but most likely there will be nothing in the uterus.

What are signs of a ectopic pregnancies?

Signs for ectopic pregnancy varies from person to person. The most common symptoms are ons sided pain in the abdomen accompanied with brown (prune juice like) discharge. If you suspect ectopic pregnancy, please see your doctor immediately and ask for a pelvic ultrasound. If a gestational sac or the foetus is seen in the uterus, then the pregnancy is intra-uterine and there is no need to worry. A gestational sac can be seen from 5 weeks and a few days. If the gestational sac is not seen in the scan either in the uterus or the tubes, the doctor will monitor you for HCG (every 2 days). Low hcg rise could mean either ectopic or natural miscarriage. If the hcg rise is abnormally high, the doctor will suspect ectopic. If there is shoulder tip pain, it could mean that the tube has ruptured and there is internal bleeding, so please go to the hospital immediately.

Had vaginal us at 5weeks and 2days and the gestational sac is close to tube could this still be a viable pregnancy or could it be ectopic?

update.... had a miscarriage. :(

Can a gestational sac be seen in four weeks pregnancy?

not with the naked eye.

Can an eptopic pregnancy show on scans at 4 weeks?

Usually there isn't a lot of anything at 4 weeks, but the ultrasound tech might be able to see a tiny gestational sac, and be able to tell you if the pregnancy is ectopic or not.

Can you see a 5 week pregnancy by ultrsound?

You will likely see the gestational sac and maybe the yolk sac.

What is the tissue that lines the uterus during pregnancy?

The amnionic sac.

There are findings of a bicornuate uterus there does appear to be some fluid within each horn of the uterus there is a gestational sac at age 5week's 1 day a small yolk sac no fetal pole is this norma?

Yes very normal. Give it two weeks and you should be able to see for yourself that it will be a normal pregnancy.

Where does the fetus develop during pregnancy?

In the amniotic sac which is inside the uterus.

What is the function of the amniotic sac?

After twelve days of pregnancy, the amniotic sac forms inside the uterus. It begins to fill with fluid shortly after conception. The function of the amniotic sac is to hold the baby and the amniotic fluid for the pregnancy.

If there is a Pregnancy sac can you still have ectopic?

Yes, If you were pregnant with twins. Occasionally one twin will implant where it needs to, then they other will get stuck in the tube. If you are having pain on one side and they have seen the gestational sac in your uterous, you could still have an ectopic in your tube. Its unlikely, but it does happen. Pain on one side is usually from the pregnancy cyst that all women have, you need the cyst to take care of hormones in your 1st trimester, then it desolves. If pain continues, they can usually do a follow up ultrasound ruling out ectopics.

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