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Yes, you have to get a judgement first.

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Q: Can wages be garnished for a deficiency judgment from an auto loan?
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Can wages be garnished for the balance of an auto loan in New Jersey?

Yes. If the creditor receives a lawsuit judgment the judgment can be enforced as a wage ganishment.

Can wages be garnished after a repossession to collect the balance?

Can wages be garnished for the balance of an auto loan in the state of Delaware

Can Virginia garnish your wages for an auto repossession?

Your wages can be garnished for an auto repossession if there is a court order. All wage garnishment's must be obtained from the county court of your residence.

Can your wages be garnished in the state of Florida for an auto repo?

If you signed the wage garnishment yes

Can wages be garnished for auto repossession in MD?

if your car is repossesed than it just goes ony our credit your wages wont be withheld

In Virginia can your wages be garnished for an auto loan?

Yes providing an order has been signed by a judge.

Can my wages be garnished to pay the balance of my auto loan after my car has been reposesed?

That depends on if the lender uptained a judgment againt you. They would have sought a judgment if the value of the car exceeded the balance of the loan at the time it was reposesed. Some peole are stupid enough to intentionally make their car worthless if it's going to be reposesed. The differanc between the value of the auto and the loan is what the lender will go after.

Can wages be garnished on an auto repo?

Hello, Jamison here, Yes! Not likely though,,,,,,,, Unless its one of the BIG-3

Can your wages be garnished for an auto lease repossession in Florida even if the leased vehicle has been turned in?

Yes, if there is still an amount owed.

What banks in Florida have wage garnished for auto loans?

All banks in Florida, Georgia, the Carolinas, Virginia--wait!--All banks in every state will garnish your wages for unpaid balances for which they have a judgment. This is a common practice in the collection industry. And, if they can locate it, they will garnish your bank accounts and other assets as well.

Can a car be taken and sold to satisfy a garnishment?

Yes, it can. And if the sale price of the auto is not enough to settle the debt, the remaining debt may still be garnished from your wages.

Can a auto finance company garnish your wages in a repossession?

Yes, if they obtained a judgment in the processes. No employer will release wages to a third party without a valid order of garnishment however.

What percentage of wages are garnished for auto debt in Louisiana?

They can attach your whole paycheck. Then, you have to go talk to them and promise to pay so they will lift the garnishment. Otherwise, the get your next paycheck.

In VA if the amount being sued exceeds the amount the auto insurance covers what will the defendant be responsible for paying if the defendant owns no real propery and has no assets but is employed?

Wages will be garnished.

Can a retirement check be garnished?

Any form of income can be garnished, to a certain limit.can a retirement check be garnished for a auto repo.

If a husband is sued for a auto accident and a judgment is entered solely against him can his wife's wages be garnished for his judgment?

No. Even if the couple reside in a community property state, the wife would be able to use the innocent spouse defense to prevent the judgment from being executed against her as income garnishment. However, all other marital property, including bank accounts, other non exempt assets and jointly held real property would be subject to the execution of the judgment. The exception would be any marital property held as Tenancy By The Entirety according to the laws of the state in which the couple reside.

Can Texas garnish wages for an auto repossession?

Wages can only be garnished for three reasons. 1. IRS 2. Child Support 3. Student loans. Anyone that told you different committed fraud if it was a collector. go to at the consumer section and you will read all your looking for

Can wages be garnished on an auto repo in Maryland?

Yes, but only by an order of the courts brought by a motion from the plaintiffs for such wage garnishments to occur. The bank or collections agency can not garnish wages without the courts, and if they threaten to take such actions without intentions or ability they may be in violation of State and/or Federal collections laws.

Can you Stop a garnishment once it has been started?

Yes, my wages were being garnished due to a auto accident my son was in after he stole my car. I was being sued by Nationwide Insurance Co., I had to contact an attorney and because I never received certified notification of the court date, my attorney was able to file a motion to stop the garnishment. There of course was a judgment and then the attorney for nationwide put a judgment suspension on my drivers license and my registration for my vehicle. In the end I had to file chapter 13 bankruptcy to get my driving privileges and to get my finances on track....Good luck.

Can a lover kiss one who has auto immune deficiency?

yes but just be careful you coud catch an auto immune deficiency check with the doctor

Can they take income tax check if get repossession in Arizona?

They can take whatever the security for the loan was. For example, if you have an auto loan, they can repossess the auto. If you have a home loan, they can repossess the home. If the loan was a recourse loan and the value of whatever was repossessed was less than the amount still owed on the loan, they can get a deficiency judgment in a court of law. If the court grants a judgment, they can they take other assets.

Can a bank account be garnished for auto default?

Depends on the laws in your state.

What the acronym or meaning of AIDS?

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What is the meaning of AID in the first aid?

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Can an auto insurance company file a lien against your home for auto damages?

Yes--but only if they have a court judgment against you. In that case, they would have what is called a judgment lien.