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It is possible to get steps that can be put into any existing pool

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Q: Can you add steps in an already existing vinyl lined pool?
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Can you use the same water-treatment chemicals in vinyl-lined and cement-lined pools?

Vinyl lined pools require less chemical treatment to use since it is not a porous material unlike cement lined ones require more chemical treatment (more porous material). Cement lined ones form more algae than vinyl.

Is a salt water system good for a vinyl liner pool?

Yes there is no problem with using salt in a vinyl lined pool.

Can you shock a vinyl-lined pool?

Sure. We did it every early summer in Connecticut.

What does an overflow pipe look like for a vinyl-lined in-ground pool?

Vinyl lined pools usually do not have a .5" or .75" PVC pipe overflow but if they did they would most likely be found in the skimmer wall. k

Can you wear water shoes in a vinyl lined pool?

yes, do it all the time in mine.

Water totally depleted from vinyl lined pool?

sounds like you have a leak some where

What is the life expectancy of an in ground vinyl lined swimming pool?

10 - 15 years

How do you repair cracks on PVC steps in a vinyl in ground pool?

Steps built into vinyl liner pools are always manufactured with fiberglass. These steps can be easily repaired with products sold at

Can a cushion vinyl floor be laid over another cushion vinyl floor?

It is possible, but it's not the best practice. If you can easily remove the existing vinyl, then do so. If the vinyl won't peel up, then you should consider two possibilities: Remove the vinyl along with the wood underlayment (or scrape it off if your subfloor is concrete), or install new wood underlayment on top of the existing vinyl.A third possibility is this: If the existing vinyl is securely glued to the floor, you could apply an embossing leveler (cement-based product) in a very thin skim coat over the vinyl. This seals in any stains, levels the floor, and gives the new vinyl a nice, smooth surface to lay over (or a good surface for vinyl glue to adhere to).Most flooring manufacturers will not honor the warranty on their vinyl if it is installed over existing vinyl, unless you do the embossing leveler step above.

What above ground pool is the best?

a steel panel vinyl lined is probaly the most ecomical

Can you replace a 20 x 40ft inground pool with gunite?

If you are talkin about a vinyl lined pool the answer is yes you can.

What is a vinyl lined inground pool?

An inground pool is typically lined with either gunite (concrete), fiberglass, or vinyl. Gunite and fiberglass are roughly the same cost, whereas vinyl is considerably cheaper. With the lower price comes less durability, as vinyl lining has to be replaced every 8-10 years or so, whereas the other two can last for decades. Vinyl is also much easier to puncture or otherwise damage. That said, many people still prefer vinyl inground pools due to the lower cost.

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