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No, not unless the custodial parent gives permission,and makes the proper arrangements concerning the care of the minor child. If the parent(s) oppose the move, the relative wishing to take custody of the minor may petition for guardianship rights in the appropriate state court. Unless there is proof of serious neglect and/or abuse of said minor, the court will not terminate parental rights nor guardianship to another adult.

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Q: Can you at age 16 choose to live with your aunt instead of your dad and stepmom in Iowa?
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You yourself cannot choose to move in and live with your aunt. However, if your parents and aunt agree that you should, then you can. If they can't agree and you, as a child, are endangered in your parent's custody, then a court will decide where you will live and who your legal guardian will be.

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What age do you have to be to choose to live with your mother or father when the aunt has custody?

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Can a 15 year old girl choose to live with an aunt instead of her father if her mother has died?

The parent is the legal guardian so no she can't choose. Unless the court rules in favor of the girl. They decide what is in best interest of the child. In the meantime, the police are required by law to return the child to their parent. There are other options though. First, if the environment with the father does not meet the standards set by the court or DCFS, it is possible that the judge would rule that the child live with her aunt. Also, depending on the city and state, sometimes after a parent dies the judge will allow the child to choose, if the parent and aunt are in agreement - or, obviously, if the father gives up his parental rights. Lastly, the child could become emancipated at 16 and choose to live where she wants.

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It has to be the legal guardian so only if your aunt is your legal guardian and not your parents. Only the legal guardian is responsible for you.

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