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* Gluten to a part of wheat so if you are allergic to wheat you are also allergic to gluten. * On the contrary. I have had allergy testing done, and I am allergic to wheat, but NOT gluten. Gluten is a protein FROM wheat/rye/barley/oats etc. I would imagine if you are like myself, you are allergic to something different in the wheat to the gluten protein. * You can be allergic or have intolerance to both. I have.

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Q: Can you be allergic to wheat but not gluten?
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What is the allergy cauld when you are ellergic to wheat?

Well, if you are just allergic to wheat then it would be a wheat allergy. If you are allergic to gluten which does encompass wheat then you have a gluten allergy. You can also be wheat or gluten sensitive or you could have Celiac disease. Definately best to check with your doctor.

Is it possible to be allergic to wheat grass that is gluten free?


Should people allergic to wheat drink wheat grass?

If you are allergic/intollerant to the gluten in wheat you can drink wheat grass as it doesn't contain gluten. yes they can yes they can NO, NO, NO, they can't! Wheat grass is simply premature wheat! Whoever is allergic to wheat is allergic to whatever chemical composition wheat consists of-That composition would be the same or similar to premature wheat. Wheat is to Wheat Grass as Spinach is to Baby Spinach or as Tea is to White Tea Full Grown Plant is to Premature Plant

Does tonic water contain gluten?

No, it does not. Gluten is the main substance in wheat and wheat byproducts, such as pasta and bread. People who are allergic to gluten suffer from an illness called celiac disease.

Is there any meat in wheat gluten?

No, gluten is a plant protein. Some people are allergic to it and must avoid it.

Is wheat free and gluten free the same?

Not exactly. Gluten is contained in wheat, but is also found in several other grains, including rye and barley. A gluten free diet is wheat free, but a wheat free diet is NOT gluten free. Most people are actually allergic to gluten, and not just wheat. If you are celiac, then a wheat free diet will not allow your intestines to heal, because you can still be consuming gluten.

What is the difference between wheat and gluten?

There really isn't a difference in gluten and wheat because gluten is something inside of wheat Gluten is a protein in the wheat also found in barley, spelt, etc. But, what most seem to be allergic to is the process that garners the gluten from the wheat and using it in many other food products. This process changes the food and the way it reacts in our system

What is celeriac disease?

allergic to celery? or if you mean coeliac disease, its when you're allergic to gluten, wheat, barley etc.

Is gluten free or wheat pizza better for you?

Totally depends on if you are allergic to wheat. If you have a wheat sensitivity then you would want the gluten free, as gluten comes from wheat and is a sticky protein substance comprised of proteins gliadin and glutenin. If you have no wheat allergies then you could eat true whole wheat pizza crust.

What is another name for a gluten-free diet does not have the word gluten in it?

I have Celiac Disease and because of that I have to stay on a gluten-free diet. Gluten grows on the wheat plant so I have also told people that I am allergic to wheat products. A gluten-free diet is also a wheat-free diet. But gluten is also in rye, oats and barley.

What are some foods containing gluten?

Gluten is a food substance which some people have allergic reactions to. Therefore they need to know that it is contained in wheat and wheat products such as bread and most biscuits.

Does contains gluten mean contains wheat?

Wheat contains gluten but rye and barley also contain gluten. Gluten is a protein found in grains. People with Celiac's disease are allergic to wheat and gluten. Tapioca and spelt are examples of gluten-free breads. gluten is a wheat by product it is contained in the above foods but is also in many other products. when wheat is processed it is soaked and some of the gluten seperats from the wheat and is used as a thickening agent in many productes that one would not think contained wheat barley or rye. some soaps, soups, gravy ect...

What are people suffering from Celiac disease allergic to?

gluten, a protein found in wheat, rye and barley.

Is wheat in gluten or is gluten in wheat?

Gluten is in wheat, but gluten is also in some other grains such as barley and rye.

Is gluten in wheat or is wheat in gluten?

Gluten is in wheat. Gluten is a type of grain that is commonly found in wheat, flower, barley and other grains.

What problem do people experience when allergic to a protein in wheat?

The gluten in wheat causes various digestive diseases. Gluten intolerance leads to celiac disease and irritable bowel syndrome among other problems.

Can people with oat allergy eat wheat?

It depends. If you have an intolerance to oats because you have a gluten intolerance, then you will not be able to eat wheat either. If you are allergic to oats (which is different to an intolerance), you may or may not be also allergic to wheat too. Your doctor needs to do a skin prick test to determine what exactly you are allergic to.

If you are wheat intollerant can you eat gluten?

No. Wheat has gluten.

Is wheat bread gluten free?

No as wheat has gluten it.

Is hydrolyzed wheat protein found in shampoo gluten free?

Should I not beusing beauty products that have any wheat ingredients? hydrolized wheat protien, wheat starch etc? I work in the beauty industry and I am very allergic to gluten. I have been experiencing my allergy andI am trying to figure this out.

Is shreaded wheat gluten free?

No. Wheat contains gluten. There are no gluten free shredded wheat-type cereals.

Does sprouted wheat contain gluten?

All wheat contains wheat gluten.

Does walnuts have wheat or gluten?

No, walnuts do not contain wheat or gluten.

Are wheat allergy and gluten allergy the same?

Yes and no. Gluten is a protein that is in wheat, as well as in some other grains. Celiac disease is the condition in which you cannot tolerate eating gluten. If you can't tolerate gluten, you can't tolerate wheat. It is not technically an allergy, it is localized to the intestine where you can get damage to the lining of the intestine which makes it hard to absorb nutrients from every food you eat. If gluten isn't eliminated from your diet, many symptoms can develop as a result of the malnutrition. It would be possible to be allergic to wheat and not have a problem with gluten, the wheat allergy would be caused by another protein in the wheat - I don't know how common that is though.

What is celeacs disease?

I have celeac disease and it is basically when you are allergic to wheat and gluten for your whole of your life. I am just allergic to wheat and barley, but some people can't have oats eather. The most common reaction is diarrhea, and it usually takes about 3 days from the time you eat the thing that contains gluten for the reaction to come.