Can you be allergic to wheat but not gluten?


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* Gluten to a part of wheat so if you are allergic to wheat you are also allergic to gluten. * On the contrary. I have had allergy testing done, and I am allergic to wheat, but NOT gluten. Gluten is a protein FROM wheat/rye/barley/oats etc. I would imagine if you are like myself, you are allergic to something different in the wheat to the gluten protein. * You can be allergic or have intolerance to both. I have.


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Well, if you are just allergic to wheat then it would be a wheat allergy. If you are allergic to gluten which does encompass wheat then you have a gluten allergy. You can also be wheat or gluten sensitive or you could have Celiac disease. Definately best to check with your doctor.

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If you are allergic/intollerant to the gluten in wheat you can drink wheat grass as it doesn't contain gluten. yes they can yes they can NO, NO, NO, they can't! Wheat grass is simply premature wheat! Whoever is allergic to wheat is allergic to whatever chemical composition wheat consists of-That composition would be the same or similar to premature wheat. Wheat is to Wheat Grass as Spinach is to Baby Spinach or as Tea is to White Tea Full Grown Plant is to Premature Plant

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No, it does not. Gluten is the main substance in wheat and wheat byproducts, such as pasta and bread. People who are allergic to gluten suffer from an illness called celiac disease.

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No, gluten is a plant protein. Some people are allergic to it and must avoid it.

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Not exactly. Gluten is contained in wheat, but is also found in several other grains, including rye and barley. A gluten free diet is wheat free, but a wheat free diet is NOT gluten free. Most people are actually allergic to gluten, and not just wheat. If you are celiac, then a wheat free diet will not allow your intestines to heal, because you can still be consuming gluten.

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