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Yes. As soon as they find a replacment for you, you should be able to take your new job:) Good luck and God Bless:)

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What to do when an employer decides not to pay what was promised?

say sorrry

can a employer hire u then say they dont want u because u are in a relationship with somebody in a similar profession.even though they knew it at the time of hiring.?

An employer is under no obligation to give you work even if you were promised it. The only way you will have any recourse is if you have a written contract, and the contract was breached.

Who promised the land to the Jews?

God promised the promised land to the Israelites.

Can an employer withhold money due an ex employee while investigating lost paperwork?

Employers must pay workers at least the minimum wage for all hours worked, regardless of promised pay rate. SO an employer can withhold all but the min wage times total hours worked.

I was offered a position starting my pay with $14.25 hourly. After the interview, I was given the position changing the pay to $14.04. Then I was called 4 days before my start date to say the position was going to start at $10.00 hourly. Can this be lega?

Yes, unless you signed a contract that promised you a certain salary.

What is the Hebrew word for promised?

promised = hoovtach (הובטח)

When an employee is terminated are you required to pay vacation pay in the state of North Carolina?

Since the employer does not have to pay vacation pay at all then no.BUTIf you were promised holiday pay in writing in your employment contract it is owed and should be paid.

What was Christopher Columbus promised if he was successful?

not quite sure but the tligits promised fur and i think he promised gold or food...

Who entered the promised land?

The Israelites who were lead by Joshua entered the promised land, but moses did not enter the promised land.

Richard Nixon promised to if elected.?

He promised to withdraw troops from Vietnam if he was elected.

Where is the promised land by God to Moses?

The promised land is Canan.

What was the promised land by Moses?

The land promised to Moses was Canaan.

What is The Promised Land of the Old Testament?

the promised Land is Israel

The land god promised to the Israelites?

the promised land is in canaan

When did William get promised the throne?

He got promised the throne in 1051

How do you use promised in a sentence?

She promised to go to the party tomorrow.

What was the promised land for israelites?

The promised land is called Canaan.

What is past tense and past participle tense for promise?

The past tense is "promised." (She promised to do better next time.) The past participle is also "promised." (She had promised not to track mud on the carpet.)

What part of speech is promised?

Promised is the past tense of the verb promise. Because promise is a regular verb, promised is also the past participle.

When was I Promised God created?

I Promised God was created in 2002-08.

What did the queen promise Columbus?

She promised him safety he promised her spices and jewels.

Where was the land that God promised the Hebrews?

The land promised to the people was Canaan.

How much land was promised to settlers of J amestown?

they weren't promised land as much as they were promised gold. the land supply was seen as unlimited

Where did moses see the promised land?

God showed the Promised land from a hilltop.

What was the promise land?

The promised land that God had promised to the Isrealites was named Canaan.