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Yes, some people still have light periods when pregnant. Get a test.

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You had protected sex three weeks ago your pretty sure the condom did not break or anything your girlfriend said she got her period but it was a bit lighter than usual not alot but a bit light am i ok?

Yes, if she had her period and it was not heaps lighter than usual then she is most likely not pregnant.

If you were supposed to start your period 2 weeks ago and are currently on it but its lighter then usual could something be wrong?

yes, you could be pregnant take a pregnancy test.

Could you be pregnant if you have all the symptoms of pregnancy for 3 weeks and still going but still got your period which was lighter than usual and on and off and the home tests are negative?

No! That is just wishful thinking!

Can you be 9 weeks pregnant and the pregnancy test be negative and you still had your period but you feel very tired have headaches everyday and feel sick sometimes?

It is possible if by period you mean light vaginal bleeding. It would be lighter and probably a different color than your usual period.

What is the chances of you being pregnant for a few weeks and have your period 2-weeks later?

If you have your period. Your not pregnant.

My period came on 2 weeks later than usual I've took 2 pregnancy test both negative could i still be pregnant?

no you can't be pregnant

You are 6 weeks late on your period how many weeks pregnant are you?

Technically, 10 weeks pregnant.

If you found out you were 5 12 weeks pregnant jan25 was you pregnant before your period?

You did not get a period while you were pregnant.

Can you get pregnant and have your period in less than a 2 weeks?

Two weeks after you have your period is typically the most likely time to become pregnant.

My period was almost 3 weeks late and when it did show up it was lighter shorter my tubes r tied and i have pregnancy symptoms could i be pregnant?


Can you have a period while 3 weeks prego?

no you are not on your period when you get pregnant

Can you be pregnantif you had taken the morning after pill but its taken on the third day after sexual intercourse and you gt your period 2 weeks laterbt it was differant then usual?

If you got your period, that's a good sign you're not pregnant. It's not uncommon for the period after emergency contraception use to be different from usual. Take a pregnancy test if you're still concerned that you might be pregnant.

How soon will you skip a period if you are pregnant?

You ovulate two weeks before menstruation - thus the soonest you'd skip a period is that first period, two weeks after you get pregnant.

Got period 2 weeks early lasted 5 days lighter redder than usual some clotting fatigued pain in lower and upper back occasional headaches increased appetite sick at night bloated pregnant?

It sounds like it..did you experience your implantation?

Could you be pregnant if you have had nausea and have been extremely tired for the past few weeks and had a lighter shorter period than usual?

Although these symptoms can be the caused by many things anemia ect.. It was my experience when I became pregnant that that is what happened to me. i actually had 2 periods very light while pregnant and the nausea was the first sign for me. test are cheap you can get them at a dollar store, peace of mind priceless.

If you get pregnant during your period will your period stop immediately?

you really can't get pregnant during your period. Your period happens because you didn't get pregnant. Ovulation is when you get pregnant and it happens about two weeks after your period ends.

Could you be pregnant if your last period was over a month ago and it was lighter than usual and now you've missed this month's period?

Yes, the general rule as far as pregnancy goes is two weeks. If its been longer than two weeks since your' last period you could be pregnant. Other factors besides pregnancy can affect menstation. Such as stress, extreme athletasism, being overweight, ovarian syst. Go and speak with a gynecologist. If you don't have medical insurance you can go to planned parenthood.

Can you have a prolonged period and be pregnant had a period lasting 3 weeks that is lighter and darker than normal and just took a pregnancy test and it came back positive Is this possible?

i would go to the doctors if u are pregnant they need to find out why u are bleeding

Why did period start 2 weeks late could you still be pregnant?

If you had a normal period, even 2 weeks late - most likely you are not pregnant.

If you are 16 weeks pregnant how many months is that?

There are 13 weeks in a 3-month period. You are 3 months and 3 weeks pregnant.

Can you become pregnant 2 weeks before your period?

yes you can get pregnant anytime even including on your period

Can a dog get pregnant if they are on there period?

Dogs are in heat (or on their period) for about three weeks and can get pregnant about the last week of their cycle.

What happens with miscarriage at 2 weeks pregnant?

This is called a period, a period.

What are the chances of someone being pregnant if their period is 3-4 weeks late but during their usual date of having her period she was stressed out and had protected sex?

Because you had protected sex there is no chance of pregnancy. Stress delayed your period.

Could you be pregnant if you have occasional brown discharge spotting past couple of days but an abnormal period and a negative test with unprotected sex?

Wait another 2 weeks, then take another test. If that's negative, wait and see if you get your next period. If you don't or it's still lighter than usual/abnormal, go and see the doctor