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No, but there is a Statute of Limitations as to how long you can go on WCB and when it becomes a Disibility. Go to your Labor Relations Board about this. If you have a WCB claim then you must have hurt yourself on the job obviously. WCB has all rights to any reports from your doctor related to the accident and it's always wise every month to get your doctor to write the company a note or letter explaining why you aren't back at work. ALWAYS leave a paper trail regarding your injuries to the company you work with. If WCB is still paying you then NO company legally can let you go without trying to work with you, WCB and your doctor and try to at least place you in a job in that company that you can physically handle, but, if it doesn't look like you are able to come back to work then you need to deal with Disibility Pension. Please go onto and go onto Workmen's Compensation Board and you'll find all sorts of information there. Good luck Marcy I was told by a WCB Judge that even if the employer did fire you because you were injured, it would be a very hard case to prove.

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Q: Can you be terminated from your employer if you have a workmens comp claim?
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Can you still receive workmens comp after quiting?

It depends on the policy of your employer...I believe.

If you were terminated for not being able do your job after a work accident can you collect unemployment even though you got a workmens comp settlement?

In New York you can not collect both at the same time. If you can prove, which would be hard without physical evidence, that you were fired due to the injury you can sue the employer. But if you are collecting comp you can file a claim for unemployment but I would wait until the comp is up.

What happens if you have a workmens comp claim and the company files Chapter 7 bankruptcy?

Your claim is most likely covered by a WC insurance, either a prvate policy the employer had or one with the State. As such, your claim should be unaffected by the Bankruptcy.

What is workmens comp?

A insurance provided by employers for injured employees. There is a provision in Texas law whereby an employer may elect not to purchase workmens' comp insurance. About 33% of Texas employers do not have WC insurance.

Is employee responsible for paying workmens comp?

no, unless you owe them for a fraudulent claim you received funds from.

If a worker is injured at home and cannot return to work for several weeks is that worker entitiled to Workmen's Comp?

no, workmens comp is for time lost due to injuries at work This would be a short term disability claim if you employer offers STD.

Can you file a workmens comp claim for emotional stress due to a hostile work environment?


How do i detrmine what my workmens comp case pay out should be?

my lawyer said to me the workmens comp ins comp. said to give them a number for my pay out. how do i do this? i live in cali

Can an employer fire you because you had a workman's comp claim in the past?


Do you have to pay taxes on workmens comp checks?

no you don't these taxes have already been taken care of by the employer you are not responsible for said same

Can my employer lay me off after i filed a workers comp claim?

Your employer cannot fire you just because you have filed a workers comp claim. They must have proof of something else before they can fire you.

How long does the employer have to file a workers comp claim?

Three days

Is workers comp nc only for medical or does it cover vehicle damages?

Answer is No workmens comp is only applicable to injuries sustained while on the job, damages to a vehicle are not part of workmens comp.

Can an employer terminate my medical insurance while I am on workmen's comp?

In Canada they cannot terminate medical insurance while an employee is on Worker's comp. However, if all employees have their medical terminated then the employer can get away with it.

Can you still get workmens comp if you had drugs in your system?


Do you get paid for workmens comp doctor visits?


Can you sue employer for injury even if there is a workman's comp claim?

Yes, but only if the employer was grossly negligent.

Does employer have to notify employee they have been terminated while out on Texas workers comp?

An employer has a duty to inform the employee of an changes to the employment terms. If an employer is out on workers' compensation, and they are terminated, the employer has a duty to communicate that information to the employee and pay that employee any money they have due to them.

Where do you send a claim for workman's comp insurance?

Check with your employer or HR department.

If you hurt yourself at work and failed a urine drug test for are you able to collect workmens comp?

Your claim may very well be affected.

Can you be terminated if you file a workers comp claim?

I would contact the Fair Trades Ombudsman and sue if my boss sacked me for claiming workers comp if I was injured at work. I believe it is very illegal for an employer to do this. Yes, you can be fired after you file a WC claim, but not BECAUSE you filed. IF your performance, absenteeism, misconduct earned you discharge, WC does not prevent it.

If your employer does not carry Workmens Comp can you get your own individual policy?

In most states the employer MUST carry Workmens Comp. It's the law. Check with your local wage and hour or whatever it's called in your state. Workmens Comp protects employees while on the job and pays for the medical costs when an accident occurs while at work. On the other hand, if you're talking about health insurance, employers are not required to carry medical policies for employees but many employers do because it is a good way to keep valuable employees from seeking other employment.

What can you do if an employer fails to file a claim on workman's comp?

Contact the state you live in workmans comp office and file a complaint.

Do you receive a 1099 form for. workman's comp.?

no I didn't get a form for workmens comp

Do basketball players get paid when they are injured?

workmens comp