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Here's the answer I got from Budweiser:

"Thank you for taking the time to visit our Web site and contact Anheuser-Busch. We appreciate your interest in enjoying the refreshing taste of Michelob Golden Draft.

At this time, Michelob Golden Draft and Michelob Golden Draft Light are only available in select areas of Wisconsin, Minnesota, South Dakota, North Dakota, Michigan, Illinois, Iowa and Nebraska. At this time we do not have any information about a possible expansion of Michelob Golden Draft or Michelob Golden Draft Light to Missouri. We sincerely apologize if this causes you any disappointment.

Please know that we are sharing your interests with our Michelob brand team. We hope that one day soon you will have an opportunity to enjoy an ice-cold bottle of Michelob Golden Draft."

From what I understand, to get it in WI, MN, SD, ND, IL, IA or NE - call 800-Dial-Bud (800-342-5283) and they will help you find it. Happy hunting.

Also, if you are in St. Louis, MO, you can stop by the Anheuser-Busch Brewery's gift shop and pick up some Golden Draft Light.

12/23/09 - I just went to the AB gift shop in St. Louis & they do NOT sell Michelob Golden at the gift shop. You can sample it at the end of the tour - but it is not an item they sell in this market - even at the gift shop itself.

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02/25/10 Well I do know of a place you can get this Beer..RED BUD ILLINOIS. There is a Gas station in that area were you can pick up both the Full Golden or the Ligtht.. A buddy of mine drove there to get a 24 pack and I never asked for the gas station.. Just do a google search of gas stations and call them. PLUS!! Make sure they hold the beer for you because when my buddy called they has the full Golden and they soldout on his drive up there and ended up with the light which isn't as good.


I live in Minnesota and the whole state carries it. Ive been way north and south and every bar ive been in has Mich Golden Light. Its the states best seller. Liquior stores state wide also carry it. In Wiscosin, pretty much the whole west side of the state has it. I was in Madison a year ago and only a few bars had Mich. North and South Dakota pretty much the whole east side of the state carries it. Just ask people when you travel to these states.


You can get it at the 4-0 gas station off Highway 40 and I-70 in Troy, IL. I just got some yesterday.


Hotshots in St. Charles, MO just got the light on draft last week. Not sure if the other locations have it.


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Love this beer! I live in Moline and the Hy-Vee stores carry it.

No and you may refer to this response from Anhauser Busch, MO

Try Frys, most of them in my area of Phoenix have it. Also oddly enough K-Mart sometimes carries it

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I know you can buy Michelob Golden Light in the city of Red Bud. You can also buy it in New Baden, IL. Also, someone I work with said that they have seen it in Quincy, IL. You can get it at the 4-0 gas station off Highway 40 and I-70 in Troy, IL. I just got some yesterday. 9/21/2010 9/26/10 Hotshots in St. Charles, MO just got the light on draft last week. Not sure if the other locations have it. I know they have some Illinois locations. In Springfield, IL they have it at shop n save.

AB does not want mic golden light to take away from the sales of there best selling beer, Bud Light. Bud Light is the best selling beer in the country and AB/ IN-bev will not want to lose that title. Also Mic Golden light will not be around much long because of inbev, so drink up

Yes, American beer can be bought in Germany. Try KaDeWe for starters. also at Uncle Sams Dinner in zehlendorf Michelob Ultra is there

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