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Do you have any money?

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Q: Can you buy a new motorcycle in Wisconsin without a drivers license?
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Can you buy a car in Wisconsin without a drivers license?


Can you get a motorcycle permit if I do not have a class C license?

It all depends on the state you live in. For example, in VA it is possible to have a motorcycle license without having a drivers license. If you already have a drivers license, you would get an M-Class endorsement.

Can you ride a scooter under 50ccs in Florida without a license?

You do not have to have a motorcycle endorsement but you do have to have a valid drivers license.

Can you buy a motorcycle in Louisiana without a dl?

Can you purchase a motor vehicle in Louisiana without a valid drivers license

Can you buy a motorcycle without a license?

Can u buy a motorcycle without a license in Florida

Can you get a bike license without a drivers licsence?

In the US, there isn't a specific motorcycle license - you get an "M" endorsement added to your drivers licence. So yes, you would need to have one.

Can you rent a motorcycle without a motorcycle license in Florida?

In the state of Florida you need a special endorsement on your drivers license in order to ride and rent a motorcycle. You must also take and pass a basic rider course to get the endorsement.

Is it illegal to drive a motorcycle with someone on the back without a license?

No, It is not illegal from someone that does not have a license to ride the motorcycle. If the person without a license was driving the motorcycle then it would be illegal.

Can you drive a scooter in NJ without a license?

No, any vehicle that has a license plate and is allowed on the road you must have a license and carry insurance. Scooters are a example that needs to have a M1 motorcycle license to drive legally on the road. If the motor is over 90 cc its considered a motorcycle. In Wisconsin.

Can you ride a motorcycle in Texas without a motorcycle license if you are 21?

You can do it, but not legally. No, you must have a license.

Can you drive a 49cc in Missouri without a license?

Not on public roads. Anyone that rides one HAS to have a Missouri Drivers License but to ride a 49cc you DO NOT need a motorcycle endorsement

What is the penalty for riding a motorcycle without a license in kansas?

It is important to have a license before driving a motorcycle. The penalty for driving a motorcycle without a license can be a fine to pay or a few hours in jail.

Can you buy a motorcycle with out a license in MA?

yes. it is possible to buy a motorcycle without a license but you have to get your license before you operate it

If your drivers license is suspended can you get a motorcycle license?

A motorcycle license is stand alone (at least in TN) you do not have to have a class D license in order to get a class M license. It CAN be an endorsement but you can also have one without the other. The best way to get an answer to your question is to contact your local DMV, takes only a few moments.

Do you need a valid driver's license to obtain a motorcycle license in Pennsylvania?

No , you can obtain a motorcycle license without having a license to drive an automobile.

Is it legal to ride a motorcycle without a license?

No, you must have a license to ride a motorcycle on a public street or road.

Do you need insurance to get a drivers license in Texas?

I am pretty sure you need insurance in every state except Wisconsin to get your license. In Wisconsin it is only illegal to have an accident without insurance (how silly is that!?). In ANY event, you should always have insurance to drive.

Can you drive a 49cc scooter in NV without a license?

No license plates are required for scooters or mopeds 49cc or less in Nevada. As far as whether you need a drivers license I'm not 100% sure but I would say yes because there is a M classification on a Nevada drivers license that is specified for motorcycle/moped.

What is the penalty for driving without a motorcycle license in Colorado?

A person caught driving a motorcycle without the proper license would have to pay a fine that could cost between $80 and $100. To have this fine dropped they can go get their license to drive a motorcycle.

Can you get a car without a drivers license?


Can you buy a road motorcycle in UK without a license?

You can buy a car or motorcycle without a driving licence in the UK.

Can you sell a motorcycle to a person without a license?


Can you purchase license plates without a valid drivers license?

Yes. You can be the registered owner of a vehicle and apply for license plates even without having a drivers permit.

Do you need a motorcycle licence to register your motorcycle in Nevada?

Sure dont. I registered my bike last year without my license. You just need your dealership paperwork, or bill of sale and your money. Also bring your proof of insurance. You will need at least a normal drivers license.

Can you drive a scooter with an engine size less than 50cc's without a license in Florida?

Bo you can not. You have to have a drivers license. However for a two wheeled vehicle with less than 50cc you do not need a motorcycle endorsement.