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it depends on the serves you try to switch it to


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You can buy a jailbroken unlocked phone from eBay and the metro pcs people will hook it up :):):):):):)

yes. you can pay from any metro pcs store or go to walmart and buy payment cards and do it over the phone. its easy.

No you can not buy a blackberry storm at metro PCS

Metro PCS is the best place to get a phone on Black Friday. You could even get them from Walmart. Walmart has been selling Metro phones for a while now.

Yes, but check to make sure it'll work. Some phones will & some won't.

metro pcs does NOT sell iphones

Metro PCs cell phones will work on the countryside as I believe even the countryside will have cell phone connection. But for even better connection, you can buy an extremely old Nokia phone.

After calling Metro pcs from my phone I was told that there stores will open at 9am on black friday. expect it to be very busy as metro has most new phones buy one get one free!

I have'nt buy a memory card yet but maybe it cost over $30

Yes it will. You will pay for it along with your phone bill. This is the most common (and cheap) way to become a superstar. :)

Metro PCS offer plans without annual contracts so you can change providers much more easily. They offer new phones with competitive plan offers which can include unlimited data. Metro PCS also offer the option to keep your phone number when you move to one of their plans which makes changing even more hassle free. If you are not happy with your phone or plan they do offer a full refund too.

No, you cannot transfer (or in metro pcs case "flash") a t mobile phone. You can only transfer special phones. In which they are called CDMA phones. these phones do not run on a external sim card. They have a internal sim card inside them. You can use Sprint, Verizon, and Metro pcs phones only. All you do is buy a no contract Sprint or Verizon phone, go to metro and flash the phone. this process takes a little while and a bit pricey it is 40 dollars. Well, in California its 40. you can get these phones from dealers, friends, and i got my samsung instinct which i use with metro pcs from e bay.

Well if you buy Metro PCS phones the bluetooth is free but any other phone around 15 20 ether one

Metro pcs will only allow their own phones to be used. Even if you have an existing account, and want to switch phones or upgrade, you have to buy one of their phones.

Im sorry to say but no iPhone is coming out with metro but i do have an answer to your problem you can go to Verizon wireless and buy an iphone4 only not iphone3 then you can put your iPhone with metro pcs because all Verizon phones have sims card and metro also haves that or another choice is you can also buy it with sprint mobile not positive about that but give it a try.

Refurbished PCs can be bought from various vendors such as Best Buy, Newegg, IBM, HP, Dell, Overstock, Easy IT, Metro Refurbished Computers and many others.

There are many companies that have prepaid phones. You can go with walmart, t mobile, at&t, boost mobile, virgin mobile, or metro pcs is also prepaid.

No you cant but it would be really cool.... t-mobile is not compatible with metro pcs

There are quite a few cell phone companies that offer no contract. Metro PCS, Virgin Mobile, and T Mobile, but T Mobile seems to be the most common:

Soon. Now that T-Mobile has the iPhone and is merging with Metro, we should expect the iPhone to arrive on Metro because the carriers will begin to work on each other's bandwidths.

1.tell her its for emergancys 2.and aim for circit/metro pcs. that ways it unlimmited.. 3.and then you can text and stuff but it get her to get it tell her its for emrgancys and that sometimes when your out your gunna have to call her . 4.convicer her its cheep. 5.if all fails beg your dad might be easyer

You can do both. You can either buy them online or go to a shop that is located close to you. You might get more information about the phone you are going to buy when you visit them instead of buying them online.

a Verizon Wholesaler. You pre-pay the $40-50 each month, and you getr 1,000 mins. for both speech and texting. UYou have to buy your own phone. virgin mobil best prepaid verizon phone Metro PCS boose mobile What are the best cheap wireless plans that don't require you to sign a contract

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