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Can you buy a second home without selling your first?

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Yes, No, Maybe...YES if you can afford to own 2 homes...NO if you can't afford them both. MAYBE if you can pay cash or qualify for a mortgage. Do you have a mortgage on the 1st home? What's your debt to income ratio with owning the home you have now? and What's your debt to income ratio if you owned the second home? If you need a your bank or mortgage broker, if they can help, they will. You can own as many homes/houses as you's a matter of can you afford them? What is your purpose for a 2nd, 3rd home...rental, vacation home, etc...?

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When your home is foreclosed on, the first or second can start the process. If you have a first mortgage and a second mortgage, your first mortgage is the first lien holder. Therefore if the second was first to foreclose they would have to pay the balance or negotiate the balance (agree to lower payoff). When a home is foreclosed on, all debts against the home are extinguished.Normally in a foreclosure the first mortgage will not negotiate with the second mortgage, in this instance the second mortgage would be out of the picture. VALUE (appraisal) plays a huge role in this process.

It means that you take out a second mortgage to help make home improvements on your house. This often raises the value of your house if you are selling it.

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There are a few options in selling your home. The first would be independently selling, as in you personally would place your home on the market by first getting it appraised and then listing your prices in local papers or online. You can also go through a real estate agent or another properly trained home selling professional. These agents should be well informed in the housing market and know how to sell a home- but they charge a commission that can give them incentive to sell early. Good luck in your sale!

There are 2 ways to purchase a home. The first is with your own funds. You may buy a home without the aid of professionals, but this is generally not reccommended. The first step is to contract a Realtor who will help you find the home and facilitate the transaction in exchange for a comission that is paid by the seller (usually) and split with the selling Realtor (6% total normally). The second way is with borrowed funds (or a mix of your own and borrowed). For this you must obtain a mortgage lender and be approved for the appropriate loan. Then you would use a Realtor to find and purchase the home.

Yes, you may pay income tax for selling your new home in Toronto.

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When you sell your home all liens against the property have to be paid so you will have to pay off the second mortgage at the closing.

If a foreclosure is necessary for a 2nd home, will a lien be put on the first home?

There are a number of simple steps that can be taken when selling a home privately. The first step is to decide on a price for selling your home. Prepare the home for sale by de-cluttering the home and cleaning the yard to make it presentable. One should also find a real estate lawyer to assist with negotiations and legalities of the deal. Additional information about selling a home privately can be found on the Property Guys website.

A second mortgage already has a lien on the home. If you don't pay the second mortgage they will foreclose and take the home. By paying off the first mortgage you just make it easier for the bank to get their money back out of the property when they sell it.

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A second home mortgage is a loan that you take to purchase your second home.

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The biggest problem with second mortgage foreclosures is that you can lose your home even if you are still current on your first mortgage. The second mortgage, if defaulted on supersedes you first mortgage.

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