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You can always cancel the extended warranty. Usually they will return any portion of the money for the contract that you did not use. In your case it should be at least 95% of the amount of the extended warranty. In some states there is a fee for canceling the warranty and some/all states have a grace period where you get a full refund without any fees. They will return your funds instead of lowering your monthly payment because the warranty is paid to a separate company than the car dealership. Even if the payment does drop, you should generally keep your payments as high as possible, since the interest is basically the same thing as getting charged extra for not having money.

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2015-07-15 18:27:52
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Q: Can you cancel the extended warranty after 2 days and if so will your payment drop?
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Can you cancel an extended warranty on an auto within three days?

Check the terms of your warranty. It should have a 30 day cancellation clause with NO penalty or minium penalty. After that some pro rata will apply.

What if you change your mind after buying a new car extended warranty in Oklahoma?

In almost every new car extended warranty, you are able to cancel within 30 days. Each policy has their own rules and it is spelled out in the paperwork you signed when you bought the car.

How would you describe an extended warranty?

Also common these days are the sales of extended warranties that extend the one-year warranty up to three or even five years.

Can you return a new car extended warranty?

That question is totally dependant on the state it is sold in and the underwriters contract. In most cases you can cancel and get a full refund in the first 30 days only.

What is the warranty period for HP laserjet printers?

I believe that my warranty on my printer was only for 90 days. Some printers will give you a year warranty. After your original warranty expires, you are given an option to purchase an extended warranty.

How can one get extended car warranties?

When purchasing a vehicle from a dealership, one should speak with his or her salesperson about purchasing an extended warranty on the car being purchased. One may also purchase the extended warranty on a car up to 31 days after purchase.

If you purchased a new car with an extended warranty is there a grace period in which you can decline the warranty?

Possibly, depending on your state laws. Ask the dealer immediately. If it is an actual "warranty" - meaning it was included in the purchase price (not sold for an additional amount), then no, it is not declinable. If it is a "service contract" - meaning that you paid an additional amount for coverage, then yes, in most states you have 30 days or more to contact the service provider and cancel coverage.

What is the average warranty given with most small kitchen appliances?

The average warranty for small kitchen appliance used to be 1 year but many manufacturers have now reduced this to 90 days. You can purchase extended warranties but these are generally considered to be a waste of money as most electrical goods will last longer than the extended warranty if they have made it past the initial manufacturers warranty.

Life expectancy of 2001 Isuzu trooper engine?

The lighter side3 days or 50 miles longer than the extended warranty

How long is the return time frame at abercrombie?

The longest time is 30 days. That is the usual time to return items unless you get an extended day warranty.

What is the warranty for iPad?

90 Days Warranty

Extended Warranty?

If you get something expensive, it is important to make sure that there is some sort of warranty attached to it. However, if your product already comes with a warranty, is it smart to buy an extended warranty? When does an extended warranty just make the company you are buying from a larger profit?Don't Buy An Extended Warranty On A New CarWhen you buy a new car, that car already comes with a warranty. Therefore, there is no need to buy an extended warranty for that car. Most cars will come with a 3 year, 36,000 mile warranty at the very least, so there is no need to buy the extended warranty on top of that. All you are doing is giving your dealership a bigger profit on the sale.Consider The Extended Warranty On Your ElectronicsIf you have a computer, or a TV, you should consider the extended warranty on that purchase. With a factory warranty that might only last 30-90 days, it makes sense that you would want some added protection. Getting a 1 or 2 year warranty will give you some peace of mind in case your computer crashes. That isn't something you want to spend 500 dollars or more on every 3-6 months.How Hard Are You On ProductsDo you really go all out with your products, or are you gentle with them? If you know that you are going to be throwing things around, or you don't really protect your electronics well, it might be a good idea to get the warranty. However, if you have never had anything break before you were ready to upgrade, or usually get good mileage out of things, you might want to skip the warranty as something that just costs more money.Extended warranties are only good if you need them, and most of the time you do not need them. Things break every so often, but they usually last a long time if you take good care of them. Therefore, be cautious when spending that extra money

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