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If the battery dies with the car running usually the alternator will be able to keep up, but the malfunction indicator will light up. Some models will say something like check gauges. You alternator or voltmeter will go real high. If the car is completely dying then the alternator is failing or you have bad or loose battery connections.

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Q: Can you car battery die while you are driving?
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Can car die while driving if it is just the battery not the alternator?

Not likely.

Can loose battery cables cause a car to die while driving?

I'm not so sure :(

Will a loose negative battery cable cause an engine to die while driving?

On some car yes it will.

What causes a car battery to die while driving?

It has to be a dead charging system.... usually a short internal in the alternator

Why would the battery on a 2006 Ford Mustang die while driving?

The alternator is not working properly. Your car will still run off the battery for a little while then when the battery dies the car dies. Check the alternator or take it to autozone and they will check it for you.

Why does a car die while driving and the battery light comes on?

because the voltage the car battery can supply is not sufficient to start the car engine but the light demand little voltage to be lighted' by GARIBA MOHAMMED-SUNYANI POLYTECHNIC/GHANA

Why did the battery die while driving ford windstar?

The alternator died first and drained your battery shortly thereafter.

Why did my car die while driving?

It can be related to gas and electrical power.

Would a bad alternator cause a car to die while driving?

If the alternator fails, it is no longer keeping the battery charged and your engine is running on nothing but battery power. Once the battery runs down, your engine will no longer run.

Your 87 Honda Accord recently started to die while driving you can turn it on again but it continues to die after driving for a while what could be causing this?

Why does my car die out when I turn on a/c

Do people die from texting while driving more then they die from just car accidents?


Jump started your car and drove around several minutes. While driving your radio was flashing on and off and ABS light stayed on When you parked and turned off car the battery was completely dead agai?

your alternator is bad even if you charge your battery it could still die because the battery is being wasted while you drive

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