Can you charge finance company a storage fee if you had the car for three years before they came to get it never hid the car and disclosed your address to finance company?

Call your state Attorney general for the real o'pinion. I would say even if you could they will charge them back to you....soooo 6 of one, 1/2 dozen of the other,HUH? It would be a "cost" incurred in repoing the car...

IF you can charge the fee (again ask a lawyer) and IF you can prove they had all the required information to pick the car up...they can not charge it back as inurred costs for a repossession. you made the good faith effort and told them where the vehicle can not be charged for their neglegence in picking it up.

If you had the car for three years you should have sent them a certified letter telling the exact location of the car after 6 months and then applied for an abandonment title.