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Can you claim Workmen's Compensation if you work for a temp agency?

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Temp agency you need a workmen compensation?

Not all temp agencies carry workmen's compensation insurance. If you get hurt on the job, the actual employer is responsible.

Can you claim workmens compensation and get lost wages if you work for a temp agency?

This depends on why your receiving workers compensation. Your best bet is to speak with an attorney prior to making any move. If the workers compensation program determines you are not capable of working and they find out that you are working elsewhere they can refuse your claim. *** additional information** yes, of course. if you are hurt temping, your employer's carrier for WC insurance will be responsible for handling your claim. Depending on which state you were hired in, and paid out of, the claim will be handled based on state laws, degree of disability (if any) as well as other factors involved. The lost wages (indeminity) would absolutely have to be reimbursed - as long as there is no insurance fraud being committed. Besides, Temp agencies usually have some sort of return to work program, meaning if you break your leg doing physical labor, theyll have you work in the office off your feet as part of their return to work program, so it will keep their indeminity payments/reserves lower, their overall incurreds lower, their Exp Mod lower, and of course annual premiums lower. Source: Workers Compensation Expert - Commercial lines.

How do you get a job in as a mortgage loan processor with no experience?

Your best bet is to go through a temp agency. Your best bet is to go through a temp agency.

Can you get disability for maternity leave if you are working for a temp agency?

yes you can. The liablity would fall under the agency you work for so when filing for disability you would use the temp agency not the actual company you are working for.

Where might one find information for finding workers compensation jobs?

You can find information by visiting a local temp agency. You can also visit certain websites for many local listings, contacts, and contact information.

What percentage do temp agency get of your pay?

forty percent

What is my job title if you worked in a temp agency?


If you resign from your job and then go work for a temp agency can you collect unemployment in between assignments?

You should contact your state unemployment agency for rules relevant to your situation in your state. The fact that you are unemployed is due to your own decision to resign, so that adversely impacts your ability to claim unemployment.

Would a temp staffing agency help me with new hires?

There are many great temp staffing agencies out there and they are just one click away! Also, ask other local business owners if they ever had to hire temp staff and ask what agency they used.

Should I go with temp agencies?

A temp agency is a good way to start. You may later decide to hire on permenent.

Can you get unemployment from a temp agency if the company they sent you to laid you off?

No. You understood under the terms of the Temporary Agency that assignments are temporary, therefore the Agency is not liable for benefits.

Should you put a temp agency on your resume if you had an argument with someone at that office?

Yes, even if the temp agency didn't assign you to any projects. When you enter a temp agency and fill out the paper work, you become an on-call employee while they try to find you work. If the company you are currently applying for does an in depth background check (usually high-end corporate jobs, government jobs or jobs that require you to be bonded) sees the temp agency listed and its not on your resume, they may disqualify your resume.

Advantages of Working with A Temp Staffing Company?

Temporary, or temp, staffing companies offer many advantages to job seekers. A temp staffing company acts as the middleman between a hiring company and the employee. When a job seeker sends a resume to a temp staffing company, the staffing agency matches the job seeker's skills and experience with available jobs listed by companies needing workers. A temp agency may assign you to a position that is strictly temporary, but some companies desire a temp-to-hire agreement with the employee.Advantages for Job SeekersIndividuals needing to make steady money without the commitment of becoming a full-time employee with a company can benefit from signing up with a temp agency. Temporary jobs assignments can last a few days or many months. Employees working through temp agencies have employment flexibility not available to many full-time employees hired directly by companies. Individuals who are unemployed may find jobs through temp agencies when companies are not hiring.Selecting a Temp AgencyTemp staffing companies typically focus on finding workers jobs in one or two sectors. For example, one temp agency might cater to job seekers searching for accounting jobs, while another temp agency works with individuals seeking construction and warehouse employment. Individuals work for the temp agency and not the company they are assigned to. Therefore, it is important for a job seeker to register with the right agency. Factors job seekers should consider before registering with a temp agency include the types of jobs available, the agency's pay schedule and types of benefits offered.Applying with a Temp AgencyApplying for a job through a temp agency is an easy process. Most companies desire you to email your resume or come into the office to fill out an application. A representative at an agency typically calls you in for an interview to get a better understanding of your experience and qualifications. After meeting with the representative, she usually starts looking for a job assignment that is a good fit for you and the hiring company. Once assigned to a job, you simply report to work until the assignment ends.

The Benefits of Hiring a Temporary Agency?

There are many benefits to hiring a temporary agency for your business. Decreased payroll costs, greater flexibility and lower risk are all great reasons to hire a temporary agency. Hire a temp for one day or one year, the choice is yours. Save money by hiring a temp agency today.

Temp agency lose my personal information?

Personal agency is when someone speaks out loud for themselves and is not scared to talk out loud to other people

Where can I find a good temp agency?

There are many different temp agencies located in Michigan and they can be located on such sites as craigslist. In addition they can be found in your yellow pages.

Who is The Genard Group Incorporated?

The Genard Group, Inc. is an employment agency, but I would like to know if they are a temp agency or recruiters finding real jobs

What is the difference between a temp agency and a head hunter when it comes to management jobs?

A temp agency generally provides only temporary workers and employees. A head hunter would most likely be scouting out permanent, full-time employees who are in a specific field.

Understanding Temp Service Agencies?

If you are looking to hire employees for your fledgling company, you may find that you need to look into the services of a temp services agency. Temp service agencies help you staff your company and largely take care of your human resources needs. When you are looking for a great temp service agency, remember that you should ask around. Are they used to dealing with the kind of business that you are engaged in? Ask plenty of questions, and make sure that you get the answers before you proceed. If you don't like what you hear, move on. Finding a good temp agency takes time, but it is something that can make all the difference for you!

Do temp agencies charge for their services?

Temp agencies supply companies with people who are available to fill in when an employee is on vacation or calls in sick. A temp agency will charge you a fee because it is their duty to pay the temp rather than the company paying them. Therefore, a fee is required so that they can give a portion to the temp.

Where should I look for a temp staffing agency?

I recommend They are a staffing agency, they seem to work rather efficiently, and they seem like they need more jobs than applications.

Is it legal to change the temp agency you are working through and stay with the same client and position?

It depends upon a number of factors: 1. Your contract with the temp agency - normally they will have inserted a clause which prevents you from doing exactly what you are trying do do here. 2. Where you live - employment laws vary from jurisdiction to jurisdiction and may limit the validity of any restrictions the agency has tried to put in your contract. 3. Your conduct and the temp agencies conduct - you or they may have done something to breach your contract etc. Generally I would not recommend doing anything that makes you appear dishonest or someone who can't be trusted. If your temp agency found you your current position then you should not try to cut them out at this point.

Where can I list my business as temp job agency?

I would suggest locating and looking into your local temp job agencies in your area to see if maybe they would have more info on how to go about doing that.

Can a temp agency refuse to cancel your insurance because of federal pretax?

yes , for 47 states out of 50, in America

Do many companies hire through temp agencies for factory jobs?

It looks like they do. When I Googled "temp agency factory jobs", the results suggest that there are such agencies. Here's one: