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Can you claim workmens compensation and get lost wages if you work for a temp agency?

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February 18, 2011 2:29AM

This depends on why your receiving workers compensation. Your best bet is to speak with an attorney prior to making any move. If the workers compensation program determines you are not capable of working and they find out that you are working elsewhere they can refuse your claim.

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yes, of course. if you are hurt temping, your employer's carrier for WC insurance will be responsible for handling your claim. Depending on which state you were hired in, and paid out of, the claim will be handled based on state laws, degree of disability (if any) as well as other factors involved. The lost wages (indeminity) would absolutely have to be reimbursed - as long as there is no insurance fraud being committed. Besides, Temp agencies usually have some sort of return to work program, meaning if you break your leg doing physical labor, theyll have you work in the office off your feet as part of their return to work program, so it will keep their indeminity payments/reserves lower, their overall incurreds lower, their Exp Mod lower, and of course annual premiums lower.

Source: Workers Compensation Expert - Commercial lines.