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yes. The kitchen drains are normally 1 1/2 inch so you have enough drain to carry the sink addition.

ANS 2 YES there is a standard ABS coupling to do so

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Q: Can you connect a kitchen drain into a 2-inch vent drain?
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Can kitchen sink drain pipe vent get clogged?


How can you clean out clogged drain line from roof vent to kitchen sink when you cannot open the cleanout?

Take your snake on the roof and clean the drain from the vent.

Where is the vent located under the kitchen sink?

The vent for the drain is in the wall. Where the drain goes in, it T's with the water going down and the vent going through the roof. With a double sink, one side is the vent for the other. As long as the water isn't pulling against a vacuum, it will drain.

What vent pipe size is required for a kitchen sink?

If the drain is used as a wet vent for another fixture 2". Otherwise 1.5".

Why does the kitchen sink drain gurgle when the bathroom sink is being used?

Bath sink is not vented properly so it is using the kitchen sink as the vent.

How do you install a vent into kitchen sink drain so that it will not gurgle?

By properly sizing the vent by fixture units and developed lengh and pitching it up from the fixture it serves

Kitchen sink gurgles when upstairs toilet is flushed?

The gurgling in your kitchen sink drain trap is because your drain system from you upstairs toilet is not vented properly. As the flow drops down the vertical drain pipe from the upstairs it sucks the water out of your kitchen sink drain trap and causes it to gurgle. It could drain the kitchen sink trap and allow sewer gas to flow into your kitchen. The fix is to either install an Air Admittance Valve (AAV) in your kitchen sink drain plumbing or properly vent the upstairs toilet drain.

How do you stop a new gurgling in your kitchen sink after installing a new sewage sump pump?

Make sure the drain line and the vent are cleared. Noises like that are usually caused by either restricted flow or a plugged drain vent.

Can a basement drain be tied into a sink drain?

Heck no as the sink is higher then the basement drain and water does NOT flow up hill BUT it does seek its own level BUT you can connect a sink drain to a basement drain if you properly trap and vent the line

Why does the toilet bowl fill up and then drain?

partially obstructed drain or vent, improperly installed drain or vent

Do you have to have a vent in kitchen?

vent in bathroom manditory

Can you connect a bathroom fan to the existing drain vent?

This would not be a good idea because if you get any back draft which is likely when the vent isn't working then you have one smelly bathroom.

What would cause kitchen sink drain to gurgling when shower is running?

your vent on your shower or kitchen (if you have one) is not working and either the air from the water in the shower drain is carried down stream till it T's off to your kitchen sink then the air follows to your kitchen sink drain line backwards and to your kitchen sink trap and then bubbles through your trap because your water in your kitchen trap can not drain but the air has enough pressure to go through it OR your water from your shower is flowing past your kitchen drain T and making a siphon which causes air to go through your kitchen trap and makes the gurgling sound one way to fix the problem is to add a Vent line on your kitchen drain and your shower drain with in 42" on 1 1/2 or 60" on 2" on your trap arm if you want to follow the UPC code. Note to above Respondent: That little dot next to the question mark is a "period". Try throwing one in once in a while.

What can cause kitchen drain problems?

Vent issue can be one of the reason causing kitchen drain problems or It could be possible that the setup of your piping/p-trap, is not allowing air through, which is causing the water to not be able to flow smoothly after air pockets get cleared the the kitchen drain will run smoothly.for which you need to hire plumbing repair service

Does a bathtub need a vent?

The vent is behind the overflow cap where you close the drain. --Without a vent, the water would drain very slow.

How do you fix bubbling in your toilet when you run your kitchen sink?

You PROBABLY have either a partially blocked drain line or possibly a missing or blocked drain vent. It's all behind the walls and if the drain vent is missing it is a direct reflection on the skill and/or integrity of the plumber. If the drain or vent is blocked, that is just a function of home use. A GOOD, plumber can help you figure out what is wrong. Sometimes the solution can be as simple as a stackless vent, but those devices are not allowed in some communities so check with local building code.

What is the DWV system?

Drain, Waste and Vent System. It is all of the Drain and Waste piping and their associated vent piping

Why would your kitchen sink drain slow at times and normal at other times if the septic tank is empty and could this be a vent problem?

Kitchen sink drains are a fertile environment for certain forms of life, and these can cause the drain to run slow. When hot water is run down the drain, it kills some of the lifeforms, allowing the drain to run freely for a while. Try using a drain cleaner, or a drain snake, to clean out the drain. Never pour grease down a drain, as it cools and solidifies quickly in the pipes.

How do you vent a tub drain?

A tub drain vents through the overflow.

Do you need to vent a toilet drain?

It will usually be vented through the main vent.

When piping in a bathroom with sink drain toilet and shower and the vent is located under the sink do you pipe in the vent with the sink drain?

If the vent pipe is below the flood level of a fixture you just defeated the purpose of the vent entirely

How do you Vent for kitchen sink in island?

There is a vent available for this. It is meant to cap 1 1/2 PVC. T the drain and put the vent as high as you can. It is spring loaded and the water will pull the vent open and close when the pressure equalizes. This is only for a single sink. If using a double sink, one side uses the other for the vent. You can use the add on with a double, you just don't have to.

Kitchen sink vent?

Yes you have to have one

What is vent piping?

Vent piping is a pipe that runs outside and is connected to the drain line of your home. this helps the water in the drain to move to your septic/sewer.

Do you need an air vent installed for the dishwasher and garbage disposal and if so can it be installed another way if needed?

Your kitchen sink should already be vented if there is a p-trap draining to the wall. if it is an s-trap it is not vented and not to present code requirements. The dishwasher drain goes into the side of the disposal and the disposal should drain to the trap. A separate vent is not required for the disposal or dishwasher as the trap for the sink is what requires a vent.