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If you are filing for bankruptcy, and you try to cosign -- two things can happen. 1. the lender will turn you down. 2. If the court finds out you have applied for credit the bankruptcy can be stopped. If you mean that the car and loan will be for you during or after the bankruptcy, this still has to be disclosed and again the bankruptcy can be stopped.

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Q: Can you cosign for a car if you are filing for bankruptcy in the future?
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Does having a car in repo effect filing for bankruptcy?

No - having had a car that was re-possessed will not affect the filing of a Bankruptcy.

What happens if you wreck your car after filing for Chapter 13 bankruptcy?

If you wreck your car after filing for Chapter 13 bankruptcy you can file it on your insurance. You can then replace your car based on the bankruptcy order.

Can you cosign a car loan if you filed for bankruptcy?

If you can find a lender who will accept your signature, sure. Unlikely.

Can you buy a car after filing bankruptcy before you get a discharge?


How can one get a car loan after filing bankruptcy?

To receive a car loan after filing for bankruptcy you will probably have to rebuild your credit before applying. You can also find a co-signer with amazing credit to counteract yours.

Can you buy a new car before filing for chapter 7 bankruptcy?

If you buy a used car with cash before filing a chapter 7 bankruptcy, How long do you need in between purchase and filing to keep the vehicle if the vehicle meets exemption in a state?

You are filing for bankruptcy and the car is in your name only for insurance purposes and you use it to take your disabled mother about Can it be taken in bankruptcy?


Can you receive a car accident insurance settlement after filing a Chapter 13 bankruptcy if the accident happened after the filing?


How many time can you cosign a car?

how many times can someone cosign a car

Can one put car payments on their bankruptcy?

You not only can, you must. All creditors must be listed in any bankruptcy filing.

Will filing bankruptcy affect your car insurance?

I have file for Chapter 7 twice and it has had no effect on my car insurance.

How bad is it if you file for bankruptcy?

Although filing for bankruptcy essentially ruins your credit for 10 years, it may be your best option if you are in a situation where your debt is increasing while your income is decreasing and you need to stop the cycle. The credit aspect, which will have repurcussions when it comes to trying to buy a house, car, etc in the the future is typically seen as the worst part of filing for bankruptcy.

Will a car title loan be discharged by filing bankruptcy?

No, only unsecured debt is discharged.

How long will chapter 7 bankruptcy stay on your credit report in IN?

In almost every state, bankruptcy will stay on your record for 7-10 years. This is something to consider when filing because this can have a major effect on your ability to get a house, car, etc in the future.

Can you get a repossessed car back by filing chapter 7 or 13 bankruptcy in Arizona?

This would be best answered by a good bankruptcy attorney who knows Arizona law. I believe no matter what you do bankruptcy or not, they will get the car, it does not wipe your credit clean.

When can you sell your car after filing for bankruptcy?

What kind of bankruptcy? 7? 13? If your bankruptcy case is still open, you cannot sell without notice to the trustee and a motion to sell. If you exempted the car, the proceeds may not be exempt. Check with your lawyer or a bankruptcy lawyer in your state.

Can you pay off your car soon after filing bankruptcy?

Your question is not trivial, and there may be some variance due to asset equity thresholds and such parameters set by the state of jurisdiction for the bankruptcy filing. An excellent primer about filing chapter 7 or 13 bankruptcy is "The New Bankruptcy, will it work for You?" 3rd edition by Stephen Elias, published in 2009 by Nolo; 346.078 E42N Dewey decimal.

Is it illegal to buy a car while filing bankruptcy?

Only if you don't report it to the court handling the case.

When filing Chapter 7 bankruptcy should a car that is not paid off be included on the schedule of personal property?


Can you purchase another car before you file bankruptcy on another car?

sure you can, but you will loose new car when u file bankruptcy anyway.also need more than just a car payment to file bankruptcy. laws have changed to prevent people filing bankrupcy just to dodge paying there bills

Can someone cosign a car loan if they filed chapter 7 bankruptcy?

Sometimes. Expect the interest rate to be high. The reason some lenders will give the loans is once a person has had a bankruptcy, they can't file again for 7 years.

Can you get a title for a car after filing bankruptcy 10 years ago and the company never came to pick it up?

You wont

When filing for bankruptcy and including the car how long is it before the creditor collects the car and how does that work?

The loan company can repossess any car that the payments are delinquent on. Your BK does not prevent repossession of your car.

Can your car be repossessed after filing chapter 7 bankruptcy?

Yes, if the creditor first obtains relief from the automatic stay. This is accomplished by filing a motion and proving that you have not made payments on the vehicle.

When should i give my car back to the bank before or after filing bankruptcy in Alabama?

You give your car back to the bank after filing bankruptcy, the bank will ask your attorney for the vehicle back and give you a certain amount of time and the location to return it to. Definitely do not give it back before you file you will need to have it discharged legally from your debts.