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Can you cure zits and pimples overnight and if so what do you do?

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Nah I tried they cant be cured overnight but I do have a 10 tip list that may reduce zits and pimples by 60%

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Is there an at home product that can cure acne overnight?

No. But, you can dry out your pimples so it would look better the next day. You can use a white simple toothpaste to do so. Toothpaste contains Zinc which will do the job.

I am Not sure if Ross Lynch has pimples. My Dad said that he was watching an interview show and Ross Lynch was on there and that he has a lot of zits. So I'm not sure. But I don't know think so.?

Ross Lynch is a teenage actor and singer. Many teenagers experience problems with pimples so it is possible your Dad did see pimples when the star was being interviewed.

Does milk cause acne?

yes. if you drink 2 much milk it will cost you lots of zits blackheads pimples and more No it does not Yes and you should make love to your mother if so

Should you pop zits?

popping zits are a good way to get an infection and it is not good to!so the answer to your question is no do not pop zits

How can cure zit on nose?

I have many pimples and zits and I am actually on medication so my advice is keep your skin clean. Clean it every morning and every night. If you have oily skin, make sure you don't touch the pimple any more than it should. DO NOT pick at it as this can result in a scar. Eat healthy, too because trust me it helps! ;)

What home remedies work on zits and pimples?

REGULAR WHITE TOOTHPASTE, put it on before you go to bed. BABY POWDER, works very well at drying out pimples! ASTRINGENT, go buy some it will help STOP TOUCHING YOUR FACE, it only males it worse WASH YOUR FACE WITH A COOL SOFT RAG, 2-3 times a day, make sure rag is soft That is at home tips drying out your skin? oh yeah i want to do that sooooooooo bad.put hot water on a rag and put the rag over your face for a few min. this will open your pores so that you can get a lot of your zits gone if you rub a wild sope on the rag and scrub your face with it.do this every morning and every night and after a while your zits will be way better.(Remember this doesent stop zits it helps them go away way faster plus it prevents SOME of them, its not an overnight treatment there is none of those)

Why do my Grandparent's keep on complaining about all of the zits or as they call pimples on my face is there anything I can say so that they will stop complaining?

Yes, ask them for help. They may know of a way to get rid of them. My bet is that they aren't so much complaining but trying to get you to do something.

Can malunggay cure pimples?

Yes. my aunt uses it on my cousin and so far, it works. she makes it into a paste and it looks like she rubbed salad on her face.

Should you leave toothpaste overnight on pimples?

well,it depends,if it is the smaller ones,yes,bigger ones,not so sure...tried it before,it turn black and i have scars on my face...!!

How do you pop pimples blackheads or zits?

You shouldn't pop them because that makes them worse as well as causing redness on the area and it causes more. But if you really want to then try using a bobby pin. Put the bobby pin so that it is surrounding the zit, blackhead or pimple. Then push down really hard until all of the pus is out. If there is blood in the pus then stop immediately a golden brown scab will from. Also if there is oil coming out stop or more pimples or zits or blackheads will form. Please do not pop them though. It will be bad.

Why does my dog have yellow green bumps on his tummy?

The yellow green bumps on your dog's tummy may be pustules. Thee are similar to pimples or zits and can be caused by various conditions. You should take your dog to a veterinarian so the problem can be diagnosed and treated.

What to do to get pimples out of face?

It depends if you are an male or female . If you are an Male so you must have sex with a female who also has pimples on her face and If you are an female so you must have sex with a male who also has pimples on his face . In order to get pimples out of your face this is necessary to do this .

Does chocolate cause zits?

The problem isn't the oil from the chocolate. The problem is the effect chocolate has on testosterone levels. A spike in testosterone levels can indeed cause zits. So yes, chocolate can indirectly cause zits.

Can dogs get zits?

well i have two of my own . i dont think they get zits but im not a expert so ill leave it to all u guys . :}

Does Windex cure pimples?

The ammonia ingredient in Windex dries out your skin and therefore the pimple. It is also an ingredient in some pimple medications. So yes, it does work, but it's not recommended.

What gets rid of pimples?

To rid of pimples you can try washing your face day and night with a face wash/treatment.Another thing you can do is for 2-4 nights you can place minty toothpaste on the pimples so that it hardens overnight. The toothpaste actually make the pimple get to it's ready stage , the pimple shall dry up and fall off!Don't forget it you do wash your face and you have dirty hands don't touch your face also hair on your face can cause pimples.

Are you dirty when you have pimples?

Pimples are common during puberty, due to hormonal spurt. You do not look dirty, when you have pimples. Late teenagers go on thinking about the pimples only. Almost every body gets the pimples and that is certainly not a crime to have pimples. So do not go on touching the pimples and do not squeeze them. You look beautiful by smile of the face, even with pimples there on your face.

How do you stop shaving pimples?

throw away your razor so you'll stop shaving your pimples

Can you get pimples on your balls?

I have not gotten any pimples on my balls. On my penis yes but not on my balls so I am guessing no.

Is it true that toothpaste gets rid of zits and if so how do you apply it?

Toothpaste DOES not get rid of zits and it will make it worse if you apply it. I am a professional doctor which specializes in dry skin.

Does clearasil work?

Clearasil works perfectly fine. I used it myself and I saw a big difference. It removes pimples and prevents them from coming. The bad thing about it is that after a while or a few days if you stop using them all of your acne will start to come back so be aware. I think clearasil gets rid of your zits. I use the oil free soap,pads, and the little marker that gets rid of zits. ( yeah, I use ALL of them). If I get a lot of zits, they go away very fast, BUT, for me, the soap, pads, and the marker, do not prevent future break outs

Do guys like girls with zits?

Nobody is perfect, so of course it is nothing to be ashamed or embarrassed of.People care most about the way they look, and not about the way other people look. So it doesn't matter if a person has zits or not it is really not that big of a deal, and yes guys like girls with or without zits.

What Things Cure Pimples?

Acne creams , Such as proactive , nuetrogena , But it depends because some people have much more sensitive skin , So something less harsh and cheaper might work :/

Can a dog get pimples?

I have a dog myself. So.... I know dogs do not have pimples, I guess it's a human thing.

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