Animal Jam

Can you date on animal jam?

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Do people date on animal jam?

Yes I seen people date on Animal Jam lots of times! Lol Its really gross :(

Is animal jam better than moshi monsters?

Animal JamAnimal JamAnimal Jam

When was Animal Jam created?

Realease date- September 9, 2010.

When was the game animal jam invented?

Animal jam, or beta days? If animal jam, then Animal Jam was invented in 2010.

How do you get animal jam deer?

You do not get animal jam deers

where is the jam mart on animal jam?

The Jam Mart on Animal Jam is in Jamaa Township.

How can you get a headdress in a animal jam?

how can we get a headdress in animal jam

Can you get pregnant on animal jam?

No you cannot get pregnant on Animal Jam. Animal Jam is a kid's game from National Geographic.

What is the new animal coming out in animal jam?

the animal is a raccoon for animal jam, i even solved the puzzle... my user name for animal jam is... Teensy Happybunny

Can you finish Animal Jam?

no. animal jam never stops.

Where do you get animal jam codes from?

On holidays and from animal jam comics :)

Where do you get a membership for animal jam?

if you eat it - if you eat the animal jam

Where can you buy Animal Jam Sidekix?

In animal jam out fitters

What is a puma code for animal jam?

There is no puma on animal jam.

How do you record on animal jam?

you can't record on animal jam

Is Animal Jam a Windows virus?

animal jam is not a virus

Is webkinz better than animal jam?

animal jam

Who is Brady the explorer on Animal Jam?

He is an explorer on Animal Jam

Can animal jam mate?

No its a rule to not mate in animal jam

Can you kiss on animal jam?

no you cant kiss on animal jam

What is the most popular animal on animal jam?

wolves are the most popular animal in animal jam.

How do you get betas in animal jam?

You can get betas in Animal Jam by Trading someone Or sometimes Animal Jam starts selling betas..

Why are Animal Jam people called jammers?

because in the name Animal Jam there is the word JAM

Why do people have boyfriends in animal jam?

Well. Since Animal Jam has like, love faces and stuff, people date. And most people are like 12-15, at that age where people date a lot! So. Yeah. Dating can get you banned! Be careful.~ShinyFrost

Is there a animal jam 2?

no sorry but no i feel that if you try it would take you to animal jam no more nothing in animal jam 2