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Can you decide not to renew your lease after your time to give a 30-day notice is up?

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Different States and Counties have different laws on this. In California, you must give 30 day written notice. If you already agreed to renew your lease, you are more than likely stuck with it (unless it's month to month). That is a contract, and your landlord legally has the right to uphold it. Bring it up to your landlord, and see what they can do. Never hurts to ask.

2006-07-26 21:15:56
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Can a landlord decide not to renew a year to year lease with proper notice?

Yes with the proper notice a landlord can chose not to renew a lease

Do landlords need to give a reason why they won't renew a lease?

No, just proper notice, if the lease so requires.

What can happen to me if i don't renew my lease without 30 days notice prior?

Generally you are not required to give a 30-day notice in order to refuse to renew your lease-- unless the lease is automatically renewed each year. If that's the case then you need to give proper notice or your deposit may be forfeited.

Can a landlord decide not to renew lease after telling tenant he could renew lease?

Unless the offer to renew was made in writing and signed by the landlord, he may legally withdraw a verbal offer at any time.

Why would you have to give notice to move when its the end of your lease term?

Some leases automatically renew themselves if notice is not given within a certain amount of time before the end of the lease term.

Do you need notice from your landlord if she does not intend to renew your rental agreement?

only if the lease has a statement that your lease is automatically renewed unless the tenant does not wish same.

How do i renew one year lease?

Generally you can renew a lease by stating your intention in writing to the landlord and awaiting their response to you. If a landlord does not give you any type of response within 30 days of the end of your lease you are able to stay on a month to month basis. They must give you notice to leave, they can not make you leave. Generally a tenant does not have to give a notice to leave at the end of their lease.

Renew Lease, Option Notice to Landlord?

Renew Lease, Option Notice to Landlord(Download)To: _______________ (“ Landlord”)Reference is made to the Original Lease Agreement ("Lease") between Landlord and the undersigned as Tenant in respect of the premises described in the Lease.Landlord is formally notified by this Renew Lease Document that the undersigned is hereby exercising its right to renew the term of the Lease for a term of _______________, as specified in the Lease.This Notice is given to you in accordance with paragraph _________ the Lease that permits Tenant to Renew the Term.________________ Date:Tenant________________WitnessRenew Lease, Option Notice to LandlordReview ListThis review list is provided to inform you about the document in question and assist you in its preparation. Formal notification of a lease renewal is a prudent act. We recommend you fax, with a receipt copy, and mail a second signed copy to the Landlord. If it is a lease with substantial value, such as being under market price, you are advised to get a signed receipt from the Post Office through certified mail or a recognized overnight delivery service such as FedEx.1. Make copies to accompany your lease copies, where you keep them. Have a witness sign the original documents just for safetys sake.2. If you have any concerns about the integrity of the Landlord, consider hand delivery with a signed receipt by a courier, an employee, or yourself.

How soon can you ask your renters for a new lease?

A landlord should give the tenant written notice that the lease is ending, 60 days before the end of lease. The notice gives the tenant the option of either renewing the lease or announcing (also in writing) that they don't intend to renew & will be moving by end of lease.

How much notice does a landlord need to give a tenant when the landlord does not wish to renew the lease?

That depends on the lease agreement. It should specify the notice requirements. A 30 day notice is typically considered the minimum, but the agreement may state otherwise.

Can you change your mind about renewing your lease if you haven't signed it yet and your 30-day notice to renew your contract has expired?


If you do not renew your lease how much notice do you have to give?

Most states require you to notify the landlord in writing 30 days before the lease expires. Some leases are worded to automatically renew. If it is not worded to do so it usually is considered a month to month rental after it expires. You are still required to give 30 days notice, however.

How can a landlord terminate a lease?

This would depend upon the terms of the lease, but generally depend on why the landlord wants to terminate the lease. If the tenant violated the terms of the lease then the landlord can terminate the lease after proper warning or after proper notice is given. Otherwise the landlord has to wait until the lease expires and can choose not to renew.

Can a landlord give a tenant 14 days to move when they have a signed lease?

Normally the landlord must give at least a 30-day notice before the expiration of the lease that he will not renew it, so the tenant must leave. There is one exception: if the tenant is in violation of the terms of the lease, the landlord may terminate the lease and give such short notice for the tenant to leave.

Is it a breach of contract if a tenant does not give in writing their intentions to renew a rental agreement?

Only if the signed Lease states that written notice is required to renew. If it does not then you would need to take a look at your local landlord tenant laws / rights

What is a month to month lease?

Well, technically, it's impossible. A tenancy is either a month-to-month tenanccy at will, or a lease for a term. With a tenancy-at-will, either party can cancel with a full month notice. With a lease, the contract runs for a set period, usually a year. Some leases renew themselves automatically if notice to terminate is not given. Others just terminate naturally.

Can an apartment lease be renewed without a signature?

If the original lease states in some form that "automatic renewal of this lease will take effect unless written notice is given by either party ... blah blah blah". In this case, yes, it would "auto-renew" without signatures.

Is it legal for a residential lease to automatically renew?


Can you renew a car lease?

Yes, you can certainly renew a car lease. However, it really depends on the leasing agent. For example, Honda does allow for renewed car leases.

Can you be penalized for not giving proper notice when moving out of an apartment..even if you fulfilled the year lease agreement but didn't give notice for moving out...can it hurt my credit?

Many leases simply automatically renew if you do nothing at the end of the lease period. Others will send you a notice with a date by which you must reply. You will be charged a fee if you do not provide 30 days notice, but it is usually pro-rated.

Does your landlord have to take you to court to evict you?

It depends on which state you live in but normally no if your lease has expired. If you are on a month to month lease and you have provided notice that you were leaving or you landlord notified you that he or she does not wish to renew the lease than the tenant must leggaly leave or be charged for additional rent, damages, or late fees.

Can tenants renew a lease if the cosigner does not sign?

That is up to the landlord.

How much time do you have to vacate an apartment in Chicago once your lease is up if your landlord won't let you renew the lease?

The last day of the lease.

Can your landlord break your rental lease?

Generally not: if you are not committing any violations of the lease, then the landlord has no right to evict you. He can opt not to renew the lease, but he cannot kick you out in the middle of the lease.

What sentence for Renew?

"So you are saying that. I can renew this anytime?"