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Can you do anything to make your Geo Tracker safer on turns?



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The only recommendation I can give you is to slow down for turns. Turning to fast or driving like it's a sports car is just asking for trouble. If you just take it easy on the turns, then the threat of flipping is pretty low. In fact, only one test said it was "easy to flip" and that was for a different car, the Suzuki Samurai which, despite looking similar, is a completely different car, and there is evidence (videos) that those tests were modified specifically to paint a bad picture, though Consumer Reports denies this.

Suzuki even filmed footage of them performing the turns necessary to just get the Samurai on two wheels. If your a casual/normal driver and not a crazy speed demon who wants to go to Nascar with their Geo, then you shouldn't be afraid of flipping that much. Be more afraid of windy days that you have long trips on highways, the Tracker is light and is easily pushed by crosswind.

Final word: Trackers are not that easy to flip as you have heard unless you drive it like a Metro or a Storm. Take it easy and don't push it. Remember, the Tracker only has seatbelts for safety (usually) so don't risk anything. The best way to impove any car in the turns is to lower the ride. Because if you lower the car you will lower the center of gravity, whitch in turns improves the handling. However you should lower the car the right way not the wrong way. EXAMPLES WRONG WAY: cut or heat the springs to lower the suspension RIGHT WAY: Buy aftermarket drop spindles and aftermarket lowering srings or struts