Can you drop out of school when your fifteen but almost turning sixteen with parental consent?

Your best bet would be to do "home school", or take an exit exam. Please, you must think about your future. It is hard enough to find a good job with no college education, but it will be even harder with no high school diploma. You should look at the real reason why you want to quit. I had trouble with my grades as a freshman, then I started spending my breaks and free time in the library, where I was able to do my homework before I even got home. It made it so much easier to get through the years. You'd be surprised what an hour or two a day can do for your progress!!! You do not need to take an exit exam to drop out of school. Unless you will be doing GED or something. and as far as i know you need to be 16 with consent in any state. So just hold it out, your almost 16, and once you do hit 16 you dont have to finish the school year. Good Luck