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yes, too much sugar in all varieties can cause problems, especially to your teeth - that's not saying you should cut down on fruit, but that you don't go overboard is important.

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Q: Can you eat an unhealthy amount of sugar even if it all comes from natural sources like fruits and milk?
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What fruits and vegetables are natural sources of as -well as vitamins?

Fruits and vegetables are a good source of minerals, fiber, and vitamins.

Are dried fruits unhealthy in cereal?


Do beans contain sugar?

Probably, because most foods do anyway, like fruits and vegetables. But, the sugar would be natural, and would not be counted unhealthy.

Are there any healthy sugars?

There are healthy sweeteners, like honey and stevia. There are also natural sugars in fruits. Table sugar, which is refined, and high fructose corn syrup (HFCS) are unhealthy. Artificial sweeteners are also unhealthy.

Do damaged fruits let in unhealthy germs?

yes yes

What is the natural sources of calcium?

Milk. found in earth: gypsum,limestone(CaCO3) food: milk, spinach, some fruits, etc

What are two sources of glucose?

there are two types of sugar we can get natural sugar such as in fruits and processed sugar such as powder sugar if that's what your asking for?

Why fruits are sweet?

because have a high amount of natural sugar called glucose. this is created by plants as a natural food source. this is why they need carbon dioxide.

Are diet foods really unhealthy?

Not really, but I would prefer natural foods like vegetables and fruits. Maybe beef for a little protein. But no. They're not unhealthy. They just don't work. They don't really make you lose weight most of the time.

What fruits and vegetables are natural diuretics?

Fruits and vegetables that have a high water content are natural diuretics. The two best fruits and vegetables that are natural diuretics are cucumbers and watermelons.

Are fruits and vegetables unhealthy if you eat to many?

Yes, fruits can be. They contain sugar and the body can not tell the difference between sugar from candy or fruit. One orange for instance is the same amount of sugar as 4 sugar cubes. Nothing is good in excess.

Fruits and vegetables are good sources of which nutrient?

Which nutrients are fruits a good source of?

Which fruits are good sources of calcium?


Where do you find vitamin c sources?


Can too many grapes be unhealthy for you?

Grapes of all varieties are high in fiber, and also high in natural vitamins and fruit sugars. While I can't believe that too many fruits are unhealthy for you, I can see how eating too many grapes would benefit in cleaning out your digestive system.

What are major sources of carbohydrates?

Breads, most fruits, and pastas are main sources of carbohydrates.

Why do you need to eat plenty of vegetables and fruits?

so you will be a healthy person and not an unhealthy person

What food help keep the digestive system healthy and what foods keep you unhealthy?

healthy food : fruits and vegatable etc. Unhealthy food- junk food A+

Is vitamin c made by humans?

Vitamin C can be produced artificially, but occurs in natural form in most fruits and vegetables. Important sources are oranges, peppers and potatoes.

Are store bought fruits unhealthy?

Some fruits may have traces of pesticides on their skins. If the fruit is vigorously washed before eating, then it should be alright.

Major fructose sources include?

Fruits and Honey

What are vegetables and fruits are good sources of?

nutrients and vitamins

Does fruit have calcium?

Fruits are not significant sources of calcium.

What are the sources of vitamins?

there are a lot of sources of vitamins they can be found in vegetabels meats fruits and even herbs.

What are the best sources for peroxidase enzyme?

Turnips and many citrus fruits tend to be good sources