Can you eat bread on a diet?

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NOOO! Bread is very unhealthy and will make you gain weight on a diet.. Bread is one of the #1 things you CANNOT have while on a diet..

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Q: Can you eat bread on a diet?
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Do emus eat bread?

Yes . . . although bread is not their natural diet.

Can you eat bread or rice on Atkins diet?


Do owls eat bread?

yes but it is not its diet

Is bread good source of food for a diet?

Bread is okay to eat on a diet but it depends on how much you eat. It contains fibre and that's good to eat. Don't eat to much bread because it can put lots of weight on for you.

Can you eat bread with every meall?

You can eat bread with every meal rather than for every meal. As part of a balanced diet

Do bass eat bread?

Bass will eat bread if that's what is being offered. However, bass fish do not normally eat bread as a typical diet. They generally eat other small fish, worms or bugs.

Can kitten eat bread?

Well I think they do because I gave little pieces of bread to the kittens outside Cats and kittens can eat bread, it will not harm them, however, it does not have the nutrients for them to eat as a regular diet.

What are you eating for lunch?

Eat fruits or bread if you are on diet. Eat McDonald's or KFC if you are not feeling full or on diet. Now, if you are very full the best don't eat!

Can tropical fish eat small pieces of bread?

Some species will/can eat bread as a part of their diet with no apparent ill effect, however a properly balanced commercial food is to be preferred as a basic diet.

Is it possible to survive on a diet of bread and water alone?

Well you can but you will have to drink LOTS of water and eat lots of bread.

Are goldfish allowed to eat bread?

Yes in small amounts. Bread should not be a major part of their diet though.

Can macaw birds eat bread?

No, nuts, seeds and fruit is their main diet.

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