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Can you eat carp?



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you sure can, the best way i found was fillet being careful not to cut into the belly, and then remove the skin. now at this point you can cut the fillet into cubes about 1 to 2in chunks and put it in a cake pan with a Brain of your choosing,, you can go on line and look for salmon smoking recipe's pick one and try it. different strokes for diffident folks, after brineing put the pan in the fridge and let stay over night letting it soak in the Brine. then remove and wash off the excess and put the meat on a piece of card board,, reason for this is to let it dry for about 3 hrs, the card board acts as a sponge soaking up the excess liquid. when the meat starts to get a glaze look to it, put it in a smoker and smoke for about 3 hrs, all you want is the smoke flavor at this point or you can add a teaspoon of liquid smoke. now your ready for canning, unless you have can fish before go on the Internet again and look for cooking times and steps to do so.. you will be surprised by the end result,, a lot of folks ask me if its smoked salmon and to see the look on their faces when i say it carp,, priceless, anyway the bones are soft and you can eat them along with the meat, no problem's and a hell of a flavor, or put it in a food processor and you will have the best dip and or sandwich spread you ever had,, give it a try and surprise your friend's, sorry about not giving up my methods but i learned by the Internet and trail and error.. i have made the best out of the most bad mouthed fish,, you can too.. have fun my fishin buddy's and enjoy