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It would be negligable. But if you're thinking that's a good way to keep from gaining weight, do a little research. Starving the body slows the metabolism because it thinks it's in jeopardy. Weight loss, therefore, slows as well. Eat a healthy diet of mostly whole foods, get good exercise and be patient. Treat your body and soul well; don't fall into a self-esteem trap.

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2013-03-13 21:19:42
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Q: Can you gain weight from chewing and spitting out food?
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Can you gain weight from chewing and spitting food?

AnswerIn theory, you could gain weight from chewing food and spitting it out. The saliva in your mouth begins the digestion process. Several items in food, especially sugars near the surface, can wash off and dissolve in the saliva. If the saliva is swallowed, or if the material remains in your mouth to be swallowed later, you could still gain weight. Chewing and spitting out food just to maintain your weight isn't a good idea. It's costly, wasteful, and could be an indication of a food addiction.I personally am struggling with a chewing and spitting addiction. It is bad news because as a result from it I have gained 7 kilos in a mear 3 months. It becomes habitual and sooner than later your clothing won't fit and you will have weight issues that you were trying to avoid.

Can you gain weight be chewing tobacco?

Chewing tobacco doesn't directly cause weight gain; withdrawal symptoms, however, can include weight gain and the feeling of hunger.

How do you help a baby gain weight and stop spitting-up?

See a doctor.

Does chewing cornstarch make you gain calories if not swallowed?

does chewing cornstarch increase weight if not swallowed

How is chewing gum flavored?

Chewing gum is flavoured by artificial flavourings and coloured by artificial colours. That is how you gain weight from chewing it.

Can chewing too much Dubble Bubble cause weight gain?

It is not very likely that chewing too much Dubble Bubble gum will cause weight gain. Each piece contains 20 calories. You would have to chew huge amounts of it to gain weight.

Do you gain weight from saliva swallowed while chewing gum?

It has some calories but so few that you probably burn more by chewing the gum. Negitive, It will make you gain some weight not much tho.

Can gum make you gain weight?

Yes. It was once believed that chewing gum might help with weight loss, but studies have shown that it actually adds to weight gain.

What is the Max weight gain from 1 pound of food?

The weight gain from food is not determined by the weight of the food, but by the number of calories in food. 3500 calories of food are equal to about one pound of weight (of the person, not the food).

Can you lose weight by chewing and spitting out your food?

no the best way is to see what cause you to gain... i will tell you how i lose weight in 3 months fast-- eat every thing you like and don't drink soda--drink eight glass of water a day take long walk and don't eat after 7:30 pm --it work good for me i was 170pd now im 135pd

How can your child gain weight?

To gain weight you child has to eat good food.

How do you can gain your weight except taking food?

To gain weight you have to eat more.

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