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Although a misdemeanor is not as serious as a felony, it may still limit your job prospects depending on the nature of the conviction. However, there are many career options which do not require background checks or have fewer background qualifications, which may be a good fit for you.

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Q: Can you get a professional job with a misdemeanor?
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Can you get a professional job with theft misdemeanor in Mass?

* Yes

Can you get a professional job utility company with a misdemeanor false police report?

No you ca not. It is ilegal.

If you have a misdemeanor do you have to list it on your job application?


Can you get a job with home depot with a misdemeanor?


Will having a misdemeanor prevent you from getting a job with a school district?

This shouldn't prevent you from getting a job. They are only seriously looking at felonies. A misdemeanor can be as simple as a traffic violation.

Can you get a job with a misdemeanor?

Probably, but it really depends upon the employer and in some context the reason for the misdemeanor. I

How long does a class a misdemeanor stay on your record in Illinois?

A misdemeanor will stay on your record permanently unless it is expunged. A misdemeanor will not usually hurt your credit or ability to find a job.

Can you lose your job for domestic violence misdemeanor?


What is the definition of professional aptitude?

Professional aptitude is the capability of a worker to do a particular job. If you have professional aptitude, you have the capacity to perform a particular professional job.

Is contempt of court a felony or misdemeanor?

I have applied for a job that checks your background for felony and misdemeanor charges. I recently found that I have a contempt of court fine for a seat belt ticket in NJ. Is this a misdemeanor?

Can a misdemeanor keep you from getting a job?

depends on the employer. and what the crime is .

Felony was dropped to a misdemeanor do you have to put it on a job application?

No you dont

Will a misdemeanor of public intoxication keep you from getting a job in Tennessee?

A misdemeanor of public intoxication could prevent a person from getting a job in Tennessee. The choice to overlook the charge depends on the policy of the company.

Can you get a government job with a misdemeanor on your record?

Yes, they will not consider you if you have any felony's on your record; however, if the misdemeanor is a violent one, then you may have a problem.

Can you get a Medical license if you have a misdemeanor?

A person can get a medical license even if they have a misdemeanor on their record. However, a person could have trouble finding a job.

Is it possible to get a nursing job with a misdemeanor?

It is a case by case basis. It is possible to get a job if they don't run an intense background check or if they don't mind misdemeanors. However, many nurses cannot get a job with a misdemeanor on their record. You can so metes appeal to the nursing board.

Can you get a job at a casino if you have a misdemeanor?

Can u work at a casino when u have a misdemenor

Can you lose your teaching job with a misdemeanor?

I am trying to find out the same thing. As soon as I find out I will definitely let you know. It also depends on what kind of misdemeanor.

What job does ali have?

Ali's job was as a Professional boxer and it was his only job

How does one become a professional at any job?

one becomes a professional at any job by knowing all the tricks and things about the job. if you have a real passion for what you are doing it can be very easy. but if you know everything there is to know about that one job you can become a professional at it .

Does a assault Misdemeanor A Family Member prevent getting a job?

Possibly, but not necessarily.

How do you get a job as a professional explorer?

== ==

How long does a misdemeanor stay on your record in Illinois?

depends on what county. but where I live a misdemeanor is always on your record, but its better than having a felony so you will still be able to get a job.

How do you answer misdemeanor conviction questions on applications?

A person should answer truthfully when answers questions about misdemeanor convictions on a job application. It is important to list the details and the dates that the convictions occurred.

I have a misdemeanor and want to know how i could get it took in off of my record?

How do you explain misdemeanor assault charge on a job application without making yourself look even worse?