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You may have to take them to court to get your money back.

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Q: Can you get a refund from a private seller on a car if the transmission fails the day after delivery before it has even been signed over?
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Can they attach my federal income tax refund if I have a single unmarried dependent with a defaulted school loan?

Who is "they"? The government can garnish your wages, and yes, withhold your refund; however, a private business/entity (like a college) cannot. A private business would require a court order before engaging in such activity.

Why did you get a refund check from HSBC Private Label Banks?

I received a refund check for $3.00. The reference number is L0102117254

You made a mistake on your taxes will the IRS catch it before sending you a refund?

If they catch it before issuing refund, yes they will adjust refund or question and delay. If after, they will bill or question.

You got refund check from HSBC Private label Corporation?

Got a check also refund from "BON TON" department store.

Can you return a new car that had some scratches?

You can return it to get the scratches repaired. Did you not inspect the car for scratches before you took delivery? You cannot return it for a refund as it is no longer a new car. It is a used car.

Do you get tax refund after bankruptcy discharge?

Depends on if your due a refund to start...and if it was taken from earnings before your filing or after.

Do you get child tax earlier as its Easter?

Since Easter is on a Sunday, it has no effect whatsoever on taxes or on delivery of refund checks.

What happens if you asked for a refund but the delivery arrived?

u could always go back to the store you bought it from and tell them why u wanted to get a refund. just make sure u keep the receipt and all the shipping bar codes so u can get a full refund

Can you return Sam's Club membership for a refund even after you have shopped?

yes, you can get full refund for your membership. It is stated on their website that if your are not satisfied you full get full refund on your membership before the card expries.

If you are to receive a tax refund before Chapter 13 confirmation may you keep the refund?

Whether you can keep the refund will depend on what the trustees of your BK 13 are expecting. You definitely should check in with them before considering doing anything else if you do not know what your agreement says.

What if Pizza Hut doesn't deliver a pizza in thirty minutes?

Call the Related Delivery Store. Inquire about your delivery . If it is more then half an hour then ask for a refund. at least they will give you a free pizza next order.

Is it just government agencies that can put a tax refund garnishment against you?

In general, yes. If you owe the government money, they can seize your tax refund to pay down that debt. Private companies cannot do this.

Can the IRS garnish you income tax refund for a judgment by a bank in Oklahoma?

No. Other government agencies can offset your IRS refund through the Treasury Offset Program, but a private entity (like a bank) cannot.

Can your federal income tax refund be garnished because of a judgment?

It can be if the garnishment was by a government entity. If the garrnishment was by court order in favor a a private entity it cannot. CAVEAT: If the refund is direct-deposited into your bank account it has then been "converted" to your private funds and the garnishment can be made against assets contained in the bank account.

How much money will you receive on your refund if you only made 1000 dollars?

You don't receive any thing back as a refund. You need to make about $12 to $15 thousand a year before you get a refund. Work harder !!!

I am due a refund for a service I did not get from an escort service. Do I need to pay the luxury tax before I get the refund?

No but you are allowed sex with an escort of you're choosing.

Can a private party do an intercept on someone's income tax refund?

no why u guyz r so scared of income tax

Which type of special postal service would you use for a heavy expensive piece of medical equipment being returned to the manufacturer for a refund?

Special delivery

i bought a used car from a car lot and on the ninth day the transmission whent bad can i get a refund?

You need to look through paper work and see if there are warranties, if so you may be able to get a refund or fix through the Lemon Law.

How much quicker will using a rapid tax refund get me my money?

Rapid refund can get you your money in as little as one day. However think long and hard before you do this. The fees are astronomical and so it will take a big bite out of your refund. two week

What actors and actresses appeared in No Refund - 2007?

The cast of No Refund - 2007 includes: Papo Duran as Papu Delivery Guy as James Roman Anna Kruz Kayne as Anna Harris Mashood as Video Store Clerk Hector Orta as Tape Collector

How can you get a refund on swagbucks if you used them for a giftcard?

Email them before they send it out and maybe they will be able to help you out.

Can you return a walmart temporary money card before you activate it?

You can get a refund. Just call them

Can you get a refund on itunes for songs?

I think not, because I have tried many times before, and I have not succeeded.

Review How do you stop smoking in a week by jack kennon?

$38 for 22 pages of advise you have heard before. Nothing new here. There is a guarantee that if you do not quit he will refund every cent of your money, but there is no where to contact them for a refund. No e-mail address - nothing. You will not get a refund.