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Can you get a sun tan when the sun is low?

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Yes, you can get a tan when the sun is low in the sky. But it will take longer because the most effective tanning rays are those from the upper end of the spectrum, and the atmosphere scatters them more readily than light from the lower end of the spectrum. That means that when the sun is lower in the sky, fewer of the tanning rays will reach the skin of the sunbather.

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Is it suncream or sun tan cream?

It's sunscreen. (Or suncream, sun tan cream, sun tan lotion, sun lotion... etc.)

What causes a sun-tan?

Ultra violet radiation from the sun

Does sunscreen help you tan faster?

No, sunscreen blocks the sun. But sun tan lotion helps you tan faster. :)

How long do you need to stay in the sun to get a tan?

how long do you stay in the sun to get a tan

How do you make skin tan free?

You get a tan from the sun. :) You tan easier if you get wet first, then stay out in the sun... Hope this helped. :)

What helps you get sun tan?

The sun

How can you tan your legs fast?

wear a lower spf sunblock lotion in the sun, just not to low or u will burn

Why are lions a tan color?

because the sun gives them a tan

What ingredients are in sun tan oil?

Sun tan oil is used to help achieve tanned skin. Many sun tan oils are infused with bontanicals. Other ingredients in sun tan oil include Mineral Oil, Cocos Nucifera and Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Extract.

Can you tan while you have a spray on tan?

Yes. A spray on tan doesn't protect you at all from the sun.

How can you become tan?

the sun.

Can you get a sun tan at the temp 49f?

you can get a tan in any temperature you can endure, as long as the sun is out and high up in the sky.

What can the sun do to you?

burn you melt you kill you sun tan sun burn

If you get burnt can your skin still tan?

yes.. you can get tan after a sun burn.

How do you pronounce tantrum?

tan as in sun tan and trum like a drum.

How does the sun affect the economy?

Sun tan lotion sales?

How do you get tan really fast?

laying out in the sun with tan lotion,get a spray tann

Is you possible to get a tan from the moon light?

No, you can only tan from the sun or tannin beds.

Can putting lotion on after you tan fade your tan?

It can. It is best to use an after-sun lotion.

How do you tan your bum?

Put him out in the sun.

What way is best to get a noticeable tan in the sun?

Applying a little bit of baby oil and a low fps sunscreen to protect against sun-damage is likely to help your tanning and prevent burning.

Can you get a tan when its not sunny?

Yes-- if the sun is hidden behind the clouds it is said to be easier to get a tan.

Can you get tan at night?

You can get a tan at night, but only if you use a tanning booth or sun lamp.

What does spf mean in sun tan lotion?


What are the positive effects of the sun?

the sun gives you vitamin D and you can get a tan