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how can I get a title for a car that waS in bankeuptcy in Kansas

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Q: Can you get a title for a bankruptcy car?
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Can you take the possession of the car if you were the cosigner of a person who filed bankruptcy even if they have included the car in bankruptcy?

No, not unless your name is on the title.No, not unless your name is on the title.No, not unless your name is on the title.No, not unless your name is on the title.

Can you put your car you paid cash for in bankruptcy if i went to get a title loan on it?


What if someone sold you a car without the title then told you the car under bankruptcy?

i have a person who sold me a car under bankrupcty, and i need the title . gow can i tell if its still under or not?

Can bank hold on to your car title as collateral on a bank credit card went the car loan was paid off prior to bankruptcy?

The bank should not have your car title if it is paid off. If you declared bankruptcy and it was discharged, your bank credit card account should be dismissed.

How do you get the title for a car that was paid for in bankruptcy and the lien holder no longer has your information Or they aren't released on the title?

I think of two ways. Call the DMV and have them do a search using the VIN number or call the court for a copy of the papers filed for bankruptcy. There should be a copy of the title of the car in the paperwork.

Will a car title loan be discharged by filing bankruptcy?

No, only unsecured debt is discharged.

How can you get a title on a car that has had a bankruptcy against it It has been bought by another person who coulnt solve this problem The bank will not talk to us due to the bankruptcy?

What state is it titled in?

If a car has a lien placed on it prior to bankruptcy being filed do you get the title back when the bankruptcy is completed?

It really depends on the type of bankruptcy petition you file. If you file for Chapter 7 bankruptcy the creditor who put the lien on your car may be able to take your vehicle. If you file for Chapter 13 bankruptcy you'll have the opportunity to make payment arrangements with your creditor and in that case you should get the title back after all of your payments are made and your amended. contract with the creditor has been fulfilled.

How do i get car title loan to release my title after bankruptcy?

You can keep your car.Bankrupts rarely lose their cars because they've gone bankrupt. Of course this is conditional and only bankruptcy advisors knows if yours is safe. Contact an attorney or bankruptcy advisor. They should be able to help.

How do you get the lien released on your car title after bankruptcy when the car was awarded as exempt property?

If there is a loan for the vehicle it must be paid off before the lender will release the title. The bankruptcy exemption status does not confer ownership of the vehicle to the BK petitioner unless the vehicle was already owned free and clear. It simply indicates that the car was not subject to BK procedure.

Can you get a title for a car after filing bankruptcy 10 years ago and the company never came to pick it up?

You wont

If you filed bankruptcy and one of the creditors had a lien on a car do you get the title back after the bankruptcy is final?

Normally, as a secured creditor he would get to repossess and sell the car to recover as much of what you owed. Or if you reaffirmed the debt, then the lien stays as does your obligation to pay.

Can you file bankruptcy if you caused a car accident?

Can you file bankruptcy if you caused a car accident?

What happens if you wreck your car after filing for Chapter 13 bankruptcy?

If you wreck your car after filing for Chapter 13 bankruptcy you can file it on your insurance. You can then replace your car based on the bankruptcy order.

If you co-signed for your daughter for a car loan and both of your names are on the title can you take it and put it only in your name if she is filing bankruptcy?

Yes. Do the paperwork with the bank and file it with the state to get the title changed.

Why is a judgment lien still on the title after a discharged Bankruptcy?

Generally, judgements survive bankruptcy.

Can a credit union keep my car title due to my filing bankruptcy on a credit card I had with them also?

You financed the car through the credit union, huh? I can't think of any other reason why they would have the title. They will probably repossess the car. They want to sell the car to get back some of the money you owe.

How do you get a car title after bankruptcy 1 year ago?

If there was a secured loan and you reaffirmed the debt in your chapter 7 and you have paid off the loan, you should get the title from the lender. If you surrendered the car to the lender in your chapter 7, your balance was discharged as an unsecured loan and you have not owned the car since you surrendered it.

Can a lien holder hold title when car is in Chapter 13 and you are trying to transfer tags from KY to TN. Our lien holder refuses to give me the title. I applied for a duplicate title.?

Your lien holder wants to be paid before releasing the car. You should consult with the attorney who is representing you in your bankruptcy. You cannot transfer title because you don't have clear title to transfer.

Can I keep my house and car out of a bankruptcy?

You are normally allowed to keep the house you are living in and one car in a bankruptcy.

If you filed bankruptcy and have decided to sell your house Do you have to let the realtor know about the bankruptcy?

If you filed for bankruptcy and the title company knows about it, then you cannot sell your house. Your title is not free and clear so a buyer could not purchase. It also depends on the bankruptcy, you should talk to your lawyer.

Can you have back title of home after bankruptcy discharge?

If you lost the title through foreclosure or abandonment in the bankruptcy, probably not, but it depends on a number of factors. Consult a lawyer in your area.

Is bankruptcy attorney capitalized?

Do you mean like "Bankruptcy Attorney"? Well it is a title of sorts. So yes. I am Max Rosenberg, the Bankruptcy Attorney.

What if happens if you cosigned for car loan and the borrower files for bankruptcy?

if the consigner files bankruptcy can the borrower take the car

Does having a car in repo effect filing for bankruptcy?

No - having had a car that was re-possessed will not affect the filing of a Bankruptcy.