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My understanding is that the incidence of an open case with Workman's Comp. does not specifically preclude the employer from terminating an employee; but, that the employee IS specifically protected from practices on the part of the employer which can be constituted as harrassment over the issue, with the employee's termination possibly being construed as such harrassment should a case be pending. Employers, therefore, are specifically prohibited from terminating an employee just because that employee is pursuing action through Workman's Comp; but, anything not related to the case is still justifiable as a cause for dismissal. If you got injured on the job, and a case is pending, the employer cannot harrass you because you are exercising your rights toward compensation; but, if you fail to follow other policies established by the employer, or steal from the employer, or are insubordinate, or give the employer any other grounds upon which they may establish a justifiable and defensible basis for termination not related to the case, you're gone...

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How do i detrmine what my workmens comp case pay out should be?

my lawyer said to me the workmens comp ins comp. said to give them a number for my pay out. how do i do this? i live in cali

Can you still get unemployment if you had a court case on you?

If you were fired for criminal misconduct it is likely that you will not get unemployment.

What part of speech is fired?

As in "My boss fired me"? In this case fired is a past tense verb

What will happen if you leave the state while on workmens comp in California?

Contact the adjuster handling your case, they will surely know.

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Can you sue your employer even if you are getting paid workmens compensation?

You can try. Only a lawyer who had heard your case could tell you if you had a case but you have the right to retain a lawyer if you feel that the employer has acted incorrectly.

Can you get fired for calling out sick with a doctors note?

It is possible that a person could be fired even if they have a doctors note. However, it may be a case by case basis for most employers.

Can you still receive unemployment if you were fired for stealing but not prosecuted?

No. You are not supposed to receive unemployment if you were fired "for cause," meaning you did something wrong. If you apply for unemployment, the employer has an opportunity to dispute your eligibility, in which case your application will be rejected. There is a chance the employer will not take that opportunity.

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Can you collect unemployment in Indiana if you get fired?

Yes, if you were fired through no fault of your own. A state investigator will determine if there was justification in your being fired, and if so, in that case you would not be eligible.

What can get an FBI agent fired?

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Get unemployment if fired for not working overtime?

Most states will not pay unemployment for being fired, unless you were fired for what they feel was a wrong reason. In your case, it would seem - if you can prove that's why they fired you - that you'd have a good claim.

Who opened Tesla's case on mystery train island?


If you get fired and workmens comp case pending for carpal tunnel could you fined other employment?

You should probably file for unemployment. Let them know you also have a pending comp case.*************************************************************If you are fired and you have a work comp case pending regarding a carpal tunnel syndrome case.....yes, you could get another job.The question would be do have work restrictions?Lets say you apply for a brick layers job,and the job description is lifting,gripping,pinching with hands...then no they would probably not hire you.But if you applied to be an accountant..and there were few hand stressors,and you were qualified,of course,then you might be hired...So it really depends on what you can do,and if you have any work limitations.Learn more at

Can you be fired for theft at employment after paying restitution?

Yes of course you can. You owe restitution in any case, whether you are still employed there or not; the fact that you committed theft is grounds for firing--and you ought to be.

Is left behind and is not propelled when the gun as been fired?

the bullet case

Can i get umployement benefits after worker comp settled my case?

yes. if you were fired.

Employer misclassified you so he did not have to pay workmens comp can i sue?

I'm bot 100% sure but you probably can, people sue for everything but this would probably be an accepted court case.

If you were on workmens comp in Ohio how can you find a doctor in South Florida to take your case if you have not closed it due to your injuries?

How can I find a dr. in Florida to handle my Ohio work comp injury

Is case less than 2.540 for 270 win okay to use?

The case may split when the round is fired.

What is the statute of limitations for a case in Arkansas for being fired unfairly?

Arkansas is a "Right to work" state which means you can be fired for and reason of no reason at all "Terminate at will".

If a case with a guilty plea is reopened with a final judgment of not guilty still a conviction?

"Re-opened?" Was it appealed and reversed? If so, then the retrial finding of Not Guilty is the verdict that stands and you were NOT convicted.

Can a sealed alibi be opened after a case is closed?

Only with a court order.

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