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no u will need a new and unexpired passport and a special visa for fiancee if u are not married of a visa for spouse if u already did marry looks at uscis site for more information :

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โˆ™ 2005-10-25 06:05:48
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Q: Can you get married and get a green card even if your passport and visa are expired?
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If i get married in US and i get green card 2years and when it's expired how can i appy to get green years 10years if my spouse break up with me?

If married and have a green card that has expired there is one thing you can do. You will have to go get another green card while still married.

If i got green card 2years and when it expired and my spouse divoced with me how to appy green card 10year?

If your green card has expired and you are not married then you will have to apply for another one. You will have to go to the DMV and start the paper work.

Can you get married if aka green card has expired?

Get full citizenship or get married and live in another country!

If you already have a Green Card how long does it take to get your American passport?

You have to have your green card for 5yrs or 3yrs if married to a US citizen. Then you have to apply for US citizenship and once approved you can apply for US a passport.

What country can one go to with a green card?

None - you need a passport. A Green Card is not a substitute for a passport.

Can you go to Russia with American passport because your international Russian pasport has expired but you are not a US citizen you are a citizen of Russia and have a green card?

Your question does not make sense. You need to be a US citizen to have an American passport. If you have a green card and an expired Russian passport, contact a Russian embassy in the US and they should be able to issue you a travel letter or stamp your passport so you may travel back to Russia. But returning to the US is another problem.

Can you enter the us if you have a green card but your last name is different than in your passport because you got married?


What passport do you need if you have a green card?

A passport from your country of citizenship

Can a green card holder get a us passport?

Getting US passport is only possible by US citizens and not green card holders.

Do green card holders need Machine Readable Passport to enter US?

No, it is not mandatory for green card holders to posses a machine readable passport (as the green card is machine readable).

Can you enter the US with an expired green card?

No, you have to renew your green card, or you will be turned away

Can you be deported if your green card has expired?

No. You can not be deported for an expired Green Card. You can be deported for an expired Visa. You can over-stay your Visa, it's illegal in the U.S. and pretty much every other country. However, if your Green Card has expired (which is not the same as a visa), you should go to the local INS office and renew it and do it the legal way.

Can a resident alien obtain a passport?

Not from the USA, you must be a citizen in order to obtain a US passport. You can travel with your country of origen's passport and the green card as long as the passport is not expired Are there any exceptions to this rule, that is one must be a US Citizen in order to obtain a US passport?

If you entered to us on fake passport can you get green card by married a us citizen?

Maybe, you will need an approved I-601 before the USCIS officer could adjudicade your I-485 ( green card petition)

Is married to an American citizen but was deported how long does it takes to re-enter the Us?


Do you need passport to go to Jamaica or just green card?

You need a passport

Can a US green card holder travel to Canada with their Iranian passport without the visa?

Yes, you can. You just have to take your green card along with your Iranian passport.

Can you renew your drivers license if your green card is expired?


Do you have to renew a expired green card?

Per immigration law, YES you have to renew the green card to be a legal resident.

If you marry someone who was here on an expired passport and they gave him his greencard then he left and you don't know where he is will you get in trouble for marriage fraud if you report him?

You said "expired passport." Did you mean expired visa? The U.S. doesn't care much about expired passports issued by other countries. If he was issued a green card, he was living here legally, assuming that no fraud was committed in obtaining it. I can't imagine that you can get into trouble for what he did, assuming you committed no fraud in helping him get his green card. I suppose that someone might say that the marriage was entered into solely for the purpose of obtaining residency status for your husband, but that should have come up BEFORE the green card was issued, not now. Having said all that, I wonder what exactly you are going to report, and to whom?

how do we apply for reintry permit?

You have to have your green card & passport.

Does a green card holder need a passport?

Yes. A green card is merely a document showing you're legally allowed to work in the US. A passport is for identification purposes only.

You are from colombia and you have US green card your passport is not with you right now and you need to go to canadacan you just go with your green card and no passport?

You always need a valid passport. Otherwise they won't even let you board the aircraft.

My last name in my passport is maiden married name but in my green card is married name only and I need to travel out of USA soon and will that be a problem?

Get a new passport , showing your married name. As long as you have the documents needed like an authenticated marriage certificate then it wont be a problem

Will you need a Russian visa to go to Russia if you are a Russian citizen but your international Russian passport has expired and you have American passport and a green card?

You need to have a valid greencard and an American passport to return to America after your visit. I'm not sure. Maybe, most likely. Or you could just consider getting the passport 'renewed' Recources - I am Russian